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Would you like to quit smoking cannabis but not sure how or where to start? You’re not alone. People who become addicted to cannabis face many obstacles before they are ready to quit. Here are three tips to help you on your way.

Take it one day at a time.

Don’t overtake yourself. I know you want to get through a week without smoking, but you have to get through a day first. So when you wake up every day, your goal must be to go the whole day without smoking marijuana. Then repeat this process the next day. Once you’ve made it through a few weeks, you can start setting weekly goals and progress cannabisöl from there. If you don’t start small, you may never make it through your first week. Remember that the first week is the hardest because of the withdrawal symptoms.

Tell other people you’re quitting.

Let your friends or other people you know smoke if you want to quit smoking. This will let them know to avoid talking about it and to do it in front of you. This is crucial. One of the main causes of relapse in marijuana users is temptation from their friends. Telling them not to do it around you and asking them to support your decision can make quitting cannabis much easier. It helps to have people on your side to catch you if you fall. Subconsciously you are preparing to quit. You are also more likely to quit smoking the more you talk about it and imagine yourself being someone who is going to quit smoking cannabis.

Be prepared

Before you ever quit, take the time to think about the possible situations you will face when you stop smoking cannabis. Then decide how you will react when the situation arises. This will prevent you from having to make split-second decisions when you are debilitated from withdrawals. Working through scenarios before they happen and choosing the right outcome will strengthen your resolve to make that decision when the situation actually occurs.

Downgrading Cannabis?

The UK has downgraded the legal status of cannabis. And now a young mother is demanding the rules be changed after her young son was left dead after taking the drug.

Matthew White, 18 years old, was a promising high school senior but he started smoking cannabis. A former head boy at his school, he switched from cannabis to LSD, which is mind-changing. He was found hanged. All of this leads to the age-old discussion of whether drugs should be legalized . One school of thought believes that this would simply lead to more crime, more death, and more heartache.

Cannabis has been downgraded from a Class B drug to a Class C drug. The result of this, controversially, was that anyone caught in possession of the drug was usually fired with a warning. Now Matthew’s mother wonders why cannabis can be classified as such a soft drug when things like her son’s death can easily happen to anyone who takes it. She’s right – although she can be seen as a biased witness. Your faith is unshakable.

Cannabis has also been linked to other effects such as long-term psychosis and mental illness. Matthew’s mother felt she had nowhere cannabisöl kaufen to turn for help. The National Drugs Helpline and the police were powerless. Unfortunately, cannabis smokers also congregate with others who have a similar drug habit. It is often not long before such habitual social contact escalates into more dangerous drug use.

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