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Dewy, vibrant skin is always in. But, there’s something so unique and sophisticated about a flawless, matte makeup look. Celebs and models all over the world do this makeup style as it makes one look elegant and intimidating. From matte nails, and skin to lips, having shimmer-free makeup has never been hotter. 

We do love some glow, but going with matte makeup in the form of smoky eyes and a nude lip, just feels right for the winter season. This beauty idea not only beats the same old monochromatic makeup for any occasion but also keeps oily skin fresh and shine-free looking all day long. 

To get the ultimate matte makeup look, here’s a complete guide on how to create it with face makeup products like the eyeshadow palette, lipsticks and more cosmetics.

How to wear matte makeup?

Begin with the eyes

Whenever we think of starting our makeup, we always begin with a foundation. However, as per the advice of makeup experts, it is best recommended to do your eyeshadow initially. This step will prevent any makeup fallout as it can stop you from applying too much product at the beginning.

When you are in search of what eyeshadow colours to use on your eyelids, go for the all-nude-coloured shades. Use warmer tones and build up from the lightest to the darkest colour, for instance, apply a light ivory colour on the lid, a deep burgundy on the outer corners and pale orange as the transition shade on the eyes.

Ace your base

After the eyeshadow application, it’s time to set the base. For keeping the shine off your face throughout the day, use a matte foundation such as the Avon True Oil Control Plus 2-in-1 Matte Foundation & Concealer from leading beauty and skincare brand Avon. It provides the best of both worlds of concealer and foundation in just one face makeup product! Not to mention, it smoothes your skin texture easily, controls the oil levels and conceals blemishes for a gorgeous face makeup look. But if you have dry skin, add a little bit of hydration using a damp sponge to blend your makeup.

Following the foundation and concealer, apply a thin layer of the compact powder on the desired areas such as the nose, cheeks, under-eye etc and leave it there for around five to ten minutes. Finally, dust it off with a brush.

Complete your eye look

Grab your eyeshadow palette and with a fine-tip brush, apply a little white colour to the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear doe-like. Finish off your eye look by applying false eyelashes and use mascara for more volume.

Add some blush to your cheeks

Winters are all about feeling the warmth on your face when you are sipping hot cocoa, unwrapping the gifts on Christmas and spending time with your family and friends. How about adding this rich warmth right on your face with a rosy blush? Just use a brush and apply a powder pink shade blush to your cheeks and fall in love with the cold again and again.

Matte lipstick all the way

Give your lips a matte and refreshing twist with lipstick that not only imparts a matte finish to your lips but also nourishes them. For this, you can try the Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Deco Collectibles Lipsticks from the reputed beauty essentials company Avon. This lipstick range is available in nude lip shades and has a hydrating formula. When applied to the lips, it offers a rich colour payoff and glides effortlessly.

Make sure to use lipstick that compliments your eye makeup. Before using the lipstick, do outline your lips with a lip liner, for clean and uniform lip makeup.

Matte makeup can be worn to any occasion whether it’s a formal meeting or a late-night party. So, get ready to spice up the winter with your makeup by following these beauty tips.

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