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In today’s world, you rely mainly on staying online to be happier and more connected to your friends. It is important for you that your digital presence is felt to be accepted, liked, and admired by your family and friends. While many of us enjoy and find comfort in social media, negligence of our mental health and wellness can trigger problems.

According to the American Psychiatric Association’s survey, 38% of adults view social media usage as harmful to mental health. This information should not be taken lightly because excessive use of it is now associated with depression, loneliness, anxiety, isolation, envy, and fear. Many people require therapy near me and counseling to manage their addiction.

There are many specific reasons why social media awakens these negative emotions in you. It is now time to change your social media habits to improve your thoughts and moods.

Pay attention to how you feel after using social media.

The next time you finish checking Facebook or Instagram, pause for a second and think about how you feel. You may not notice it right away, but there is a change in your mood. You feel sad because you just found out that a friend died, or you are suddenly scared because of news of a mass shooting. You must also take note of which social media platforms mostly bring you down. When you find it difficult to sleep after scrolling on Facebook at night, eliminate using it during your bedtime. This happens because you have read or seen something on Facebook that is disturbing or traumatizing. Pay close attention to how your mind works after using social media.

Limit the time and place in which you use social media.

Using social media all the time interferes with your daily routine. Instead of spending quality time with your son at his school fair, you are busy updating your social media status. When you are with your partner, you are on your phone, live tweeting with your friends. Stop using social media when you are with your family and close friends. Make this a rule in your household: at every family dinner, no one should use their phones, including you. Most importantly, train yourself not to treat social media as a place for celebrations and rants. If you accomplish something, share it with your family. If you have a serious problem, talk to your partner.

Have detox periods.

Take a break from social media once in a while. One study showed that taking a weeklong break from Facebook lowers stress and improves life satisfaction. It is also helpful that you cut back on your usage time. Make it a habit to only use social media for 20 minutes at the most every day. Be more selective about the apps that you are using. Unfollow those people whom you find toxic and problematic. You are not missing out on anything if you choose to leave or delete your social media accounts. This small change can positively affect your mood and mindset. This is free in comparison to seeking therapy near me. Ultimately, you will have better mental health and mood.

Take control over your need to use social media.

You are in charge of your life. You will be surprised to know that what you see on social media is not always what it seems. Do not let social media change your definition of happiness and fulfillment. Think hard about what you want in life and what is important to you. Focus on your life and do not compare it to your friends’. If your family is your priority, make sure that you spend quality time with them. If you keep on looking at your friend’s profile, you tend to be sad about the things you do not have. You are the only one who knows what makes you happy, so make it happen without the distraction of social media. Make a list of the things you want to do or accomplish this month or year, and just do them.

Be more mindful about using social media.

They always say, “Think before you click.” Before you post anything, reflect on your words and ask yourself if this is something that you will not regret later. Sadly, anything you post on social media will be subjected to criticism or bashing. People now are more vocal and blunt with what they see and read, so you need to be careful. If people start to bully you, it will have a negative impact on your life. More so, be more mindful of what social media platforms you often visit. If you use social media to read the news, then that is good. But if you only use it to spy on or stalk your friends, then stop. This will never do you any good.

Stop treating social media as a part of life.

Social media is not all bad. There are many benefits to it. But it is not your life. Stop treating it like it is. You will not get sick if you cannot open Facebook for a day. It is okay if you do not update your followers on what you did three hours ago. Do not ever think that you are of less value if you have fewer than a thousand friends. Go out more. Take your children to a park to keep them away from their gadgets. Meet up with your friends for lunch or dinner instead of connecting only on social media.

If you feel that you are constantly depressed and anxious when you use social media, take a step away from it. Mindshift Psychological Services offers therapy near me and counseling sessions to people who are addicted to social media. We know how difficult it is not to check or update your social media accounts. But if your mental health is important to you, come visit us. Check our website for all our services. You may also contact us at (714) 584-9700 to schedule an appointment.

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