Ekart Zabeel in Dubai

Ekart Zabeel is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. The activity is designed to let youngsters explore racing in a controlled and safe environment. It is a perfect weekend activity for friends and family to enjoy an adrenaline rush and spend quality time.

However, you cannot head to the ekarting arena as soon as you reach the facility. There is a proper code of conduct and procedure you must follow or adhere to enjoy the activity to the fullest. Learning about it in advance can help you prepare for the activity better and not face last-minute issues. So, explore and learn about all the basics to enjoy the activity.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to learn how you can prepare for Ekart Zabeel in Dubai and ensure to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Top 6 Steps to Get Ready for Ekart Zabeel in Dubai

Dubai is full of all sorts of entertainment and fun activities for all age groups. However, there are far more activities and experience for younger ones as compared to the older ones. Ekarting is one such experience that is designed for youngsters. There is a proper format and procedure to explore and enjoy the activity, which you must follow.

Some of the major steps you must follow to get ready for Ekart Zabeel in Dubai include the following;

1. Register Yourself

The very first step you need to follow to get ready for the Ekart Zabeel experience in Dubai is to register yourself. You need to create a rider profile with all your basic details. The details will be stored in the data of the service and can be used for future sessions. You might have to wait a little bit to register yourself at the facility. However, it will be a one-time hassle. You can use your rider profile to proceed with the activity in the future and enjoy the activity as soon as you reach the facility.

2. Book the Session

The next step you need to stick by to make the most of Ekart Zabeel is to book the session. Creating a rider profile is not enough, and you need to book a specific session to prepare for the activity. Booking the session requires making the payment in advance. In other words, you need to book your ticket after clearing the payment to get the pass for the activity. Pursuing it at the facility can increase the wait time, which is why most people buy tickets online and limit their hassle.

3. Enter Arena

The next step in the process of getting ready for Ekart Zabeel is entering the arena. You will not be allowed to enter the arena as soon as you reach the facility. Instead, you will have to wait outside if you reach there too early. You can only enter the arena thirty minutes before the activity starts. Your rider registration and tickets will be checked at this point, so ensure you have all the essentials. In case you fail to produce them, you will be guided towards the first step.

4. Dress Up

The next step you must follow to get ready for the Ekart Zabeel experience is dressing up. You cannot start and enjoy the activity in your casual attire and need to follow the proper dress code. The registered riders will be provided safety jumpsuits to get changed into. You can keep your valuables and essentials in the provided lockers. An important point of dressing up is wearing closed shoes. Your feet can get injured, and you might not be able to continue the activity, so make sure to stick to the proper dress code.

5. Get Safety Briefing

One of the most important steps you need to follow for the Ekart Zabeel experience is to get a safety briefing. You cannot start the activity on your own but need the training, to begin with. The trained staff at the arena will guide you through the functions of the kart as well as the basics of the activity. Sticking to them will help you enjoy the activity to the fullest without being hurt.

6. Get Set for Ekart

The last and final step to enjoy the Ekart Zabeel experience in Dubai is getting set for ekarting. You just need to keep the instructions in mind and follow them to avoid any loss or danger. The lap times will be recorded during the session, and you can go through the data at the end to explore your performance and progress. So, do not delay and buy tickets online to head to the facility with your friends or family and enjoy it to the fullest.

Are you eager to try Ekart Zabeel?

Get your Ekart Zabeel tickets and head to the facility to complete other basic steps and enjoy a perfect time with your friends and family.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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