Gokarna in northern Karnataka is a true beach paradise! There are five main beaches with beautiful views, clean water, and gentle swells. These beaches are surrounded by lush green hills, making Gokarna a more fascinating place to visit. These hills add to Gokarna’s charm and also allow us to enjoy the Gokarna Beach Trek.


How delicate is the Gokarna Beach Trek?

Gokarna Beach Trek can be done by anyone with basic fitness. It’s best to exercise at least once a week. Although it isn’t a difficult trip, the sun can be quite harsh. For a pleasant day, apply sunscreen and get sprayed! You will be hiking up and across hills to reach the next beach. There is still some climbing and crossing of boulders and jewels along the way.

If you love trekking then you can also do Grahan Trek.


From where to begin the Trek?

Option 1

You can start the Gokarna Beach Trek from either Gokarna Main Beach or Belekan Beach. There is no trail between Kudle Beach and Gokarna Main Beach. To reach Kudle Beach, you will need to follow the normal road. This is why Gokarna Main Beach does not make up the Gokarna Beach trek. You can start your journey at Kudle Beach, and then continue to Paradise Beach.

This option has the advantage of allowing you to spend more time at Om Beach and Kudle Beach, which are both the most enjoyable. The timber is the main part of the journey after Om Beach. It isn’t a major problem.

This option has one major drawback: the last ferry leaves at approximately 530 to 600 PM. You will have to survive at that time. Many ferries will drop you off at Kudle Beach. The utmost ferry only drops you at Om Beach. If you’re late, you might have to walk back towards Kudle Beach.


Option 2

You can also choose to begin the Gokarna Beach Trek at Paradise Beach or Belekan Beach. Your trip will start at Belekan Beach if you are part of a group from Bangalore or another municipality. It’s not important to have a bank on Belekan Beach. The Tour Operator will take you along the Road from the opposite side. You can take the ferry to Paradise Beach, and begin your trip from there if you don’t have a motorist (which is a very important and achievable option). The 1-1,5 km hike from Belekan Beach up to Paradise Beach is still available.

There are two major advantages to this option. You will be able to relax on every beach and enjoy a quiet lunch if you plan. You’ll also return in time for the evening. This option has another advantage: if you arrive early in the morning (around 10 am), the chances of seeing dolphins on the way from Paradise Beach to Paradise Beach are higher.

This option has one drawback: the frequency of ferries between Kudle Beach and Paradise Beach is lower so you may have to travel from Kudle Beach or Om Beach if it isn’t available.



Things to Bring for Gokarna Beach Trip

Clothes – A pair of t-shirts or flicks will do. Clothes that dry quickly and are comfortable enough to be worn for hiking or swimming.

Shoes – While it is recommended to bring shoes, the trip can be done with sandals. Sandals are easier to remove and wear again after swimming or at the beach.

If you don’t mind drying in the sun, kerchief/kerchief is a must. Use a plastic bag to protect the goods from moisture.

Don’t keep more valuables than you need. You will need a phone, camera, power bank, and a little capitalist to get you across the waterways, ferrying, and buying food.

Water – To stay hydrated, you must have at least one water bottle.


It is possible to apply sunscreen, then leave. However, it will eventually become ineffective and wash off. You can carry it around and apply it after every knockout. Caps, sunglasses, and any other specific details.

We have reached the end of our detailed companion to Gokarna beach Trek. You must be careful and not wander off alone. Ask your stay directors for original attendants. Water is another area to be cautious in, especially if you’re a professional swoon. Be careful wherever you go.


By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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