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Moving is stressful for most people, but it’s even more difficult for a musician. Moving instruments will always be hard to move whether you play music as a hobby or for a living. You can even look for Local Moving Services to hire moving experts. They can help you pack and move your instruments to the new place without damage. Also, we will discuss some tips in this blog post that will help you pack and move your musical instruments safely. You can’t wrap them up, put them in a box, add some packing peanuts, and go. As you can see, packing instruments is an art, just like music. You’ll need to plan carefully to ensure the item keeps making the same beautiful melody after it’s moved. 

Making Preparations to Move Musical Instruments with Local Moving Services

Making preparations before a move is significant. It helps you stay organized during the moving process. Also, you can safely move to your new place without damaging your musical instruments. You can even hire Residential Movers in Tucson AZ who specialize in moving musical instruments, as they can handle everything for you.

Packing musical instruments isn’t a normal “pack up and leave” job. Knowing things is important, so learn as much as possible about your device. Learn how it is put together and how to take it apart if you need to. Also, make sure to have the proper packing materials to pack these instruments. 

Hire Movers that Specialize in Moving Musical Instruments

When it comes to Local Moving Services, it’s best to leave them to professionals, but not just any professionals. You will need the help of movers who have moved a lot of musical instruments before. Not only do these guys know how beautiful music is, but they also offer insurance for your things to give you peace of mind. 

Packing Brass and Woodwind Instruments

First, there are brass and woodwind instruments that include:

  • Flutes
  • Clarinets
  • Saxophones
  • Horns
  • Trumpets

To pack these things, you’ll have to take them apart. If you don’t, the insides might shake during shipping, and small parts might fall off. Once you’re done taking things apart, cover the larger pieces with bubble wrap and put them back where they belong inside the hard case.


If you don’t have a hard case, put the instrument in a large box and fill the space around it with foam peanuts. Use Ziploc bags to store small parts. Don’t forget to put packing paper over the mouth to keep foam pieces from getting in. If you hire Local Moving Services in Tucson AZ the experts can care for everything, and you can get peace of mind. 

Packing a Drum Set

Don’t be scared off by how big this thing is. Getting a drum set ready for transport is surprisingly easy compared to other things. All you have to do is take off the rims and heads and stack the drums. Lastly, put them in a box 3–4 inches bigger on all sides than the biggest drum in the set.

Pack your Guitar or Violin

Whether you rent or buy your violin or guitar, you should always ensure it is safe. So, if you can’t keep the instrument with you during the move, you’ll need to “pack” it properly. Once you have all the tools, you can start taking the violin apart. Make sure to loosen the strings on guitars, violins, basses, and cellos before you pack them, so they don’t break. Next, move the tuning keys so that they are in line with the headstock

Put the strings you took off in a zip-lock bag. First, wrap each piece in clean paper or cotton towels and then in wrapping material. After you’ve taken the instrument apart, please put it in a complex, secure case that won’t crack or break while you’re transporting it. Next, look for a strong cardboard box 5 inches bigger than the case. Fill it with more wrapping paper to keep the case from moving around inside the box.

Packing a Piano

Before doing this, you should consider availing of professional Local Moving Services specializing in moving musical instruments. This instrument is big, heavy, and fragile and costs a lot of money. If you make one mistake, everything could be over. When moving a piano, it seems like every red flag is waving at you.

The weight of a standing piano can range from 400 to 800 lbs. The average person can lift about 75 lbs., which is slightly more than half his body weight. By looking at these numbers, you can see that you can’t do it with just two people.

Moving musical instruments is not easy; therefore, if you are looking for movers to pack and move your musical instruments, you can contact AZ Moving Authority. We have also moved musical instruments, so we know how to do it safely.

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