How To Maintain A Bike Properly?

Taking care of your bike by maintaining it on a regular basis is the best way to keep it running in good condition for a long time. But how to maintain a bike is a question many riders ask. This article outlines the steps you need to take to maintain your bike properly.

The bike also retains its new look and feel with proper maintenance. Purchasing various motorbike accessories such as paddock stands, tyre dressers, wax and polish keep the bike at its peak performance level whenever you ride it.

Maintaining your bike is the best way to enjoy safe, problem-free riding not just for short city commutes, but even on long road trips on the highway.

Tips and tricks to maintain a bike properly

Most of the bike maintenance can be done at home in your personal garage with the help of simple tools and a bit of elbow grease.

Proper bike maintenance rewards you with longer vehicle life and a reduction in running costs for the duration you own the bike.

Listed below are some important tips and tricks on how to maintain your bike properly.

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Keep your bike clean

The first step is to regularly wash and clean your bike to keep it looking new. The dust and dirt may also cover up an area that needs attention such as an oil leak or a scratch on the paint. Excessive dirt can also increase the chances of rusting and corrosion on the metal parts of the bike.

Ensure that you park your bike in an enclosed area away from extreme sunshine or harsh rain.

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Ride slowly

If you maintain a slow riding speed when you are on the road, you will have fewer problems in the long run. The engine will not be over-stressed and fuel consumption will be at a minimum. There are also fewer chances of having an accident if you ride your bike at slow speeds. Be cautious on the road and always wear safety gear just in case.

Maintain the engine

Keeping the engine in good shape will be beneficial in the long run. Listen to the sound of the running engine for anything odd like rough idling, piston sound, valves tapping, etc. Tune the carburettor for fuel economy and check the spark plug for carbon deposits (inspect the spark plug gap).

Check the engine oil

Engine oil is vital to keep the components well lubricated and for cooling purposes. Over time, the engine oil levels may decrease and they get thick, reducing its viscosity. Check the engine oil levels regularly and replace it at correct intervals to ensure the engine functions at its optimum.

Clean the air filter

The air filter is the main breathing mechanism of the bike and attracts a lot of dirt and dust especially if driven over unpaved roads. The result is poor fuel combustion, low mileage and potential engine damage. Change the air filter if it is dirty or clean it if there is a small amount of dust and dirt in it.

Check tyres on a regular basis

Bike tyres are important because they are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road. Ensure tyre pressure is adequate and that there is not too much wear and tear on the tread. Worn out tyres can be dangerous, so replace them if required.

Adjust clutch and brakes

The clutch should have the right amount of free play and provide smooth acceleration when engaged. Many times, it is just a matter of adjusting the clutch cable. Brakes are vital to slow down and bring your bike to a halt. Ensure that brake drums or discs are in good condition and sufficient stopping power is provided by the brake pads. Brakes should neither be too tight or too loose as they may interfere with safe driving.


When it comes to bikes, a little do-it-yourself maintenance work goes a long way to save you money, keep you riding safe and give you that feel good factor that your bike is in safe hands. Riders are empowered by the confidence that they can fiddle with the motorcycle and get them selves out of a lot of tough situations, especially when out on the road with no one to help them.

The requirements of each maintenance task may vary in terms of tools required or mechanical knowledge, but you can always refer to the owner’s manual if you need to verify any information or need to know the correct procedure to fix or install a component on your ride.

As long as you use the necessary safety precautions, you should be fine working on your bike at home and adding to the life and safety of your motorcycle.

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