Love is viewed as the most beautiful experience of a person’s life, says an expert astrologer. While we are passionately in love, the things around us seem stunning and cheerful. Even when things don’t go in your favor, love is a connection of hearts, giving your soul a feeling of aliveness.   

That’s why when you are in a romantic relationship, love your partner with all your heart and don’t take all these feelings lightly. Everyone seeks a blissful love life, but by gazing at present-day relationships, love is only a 4-letter word today. While somebody feels empty even after being in a love relationship with a person, we have seen couples go one step ahead and get hitched. Some remain one-sided lovers, as well.

Connection Between Love and Astrology

A knowledgeable astrologer near me asserts that the 5th house is where the evaluation of a person’s romantic life is reflected in their birth chart. But, the position of the 7th and 5th houses strongly impacts a person’s romantic life, too. A partner of your choice, unconditional love, presents, bouquets, and much more are all assured if your beneficent planet is in the 5th house.

The planetary transits, too, play a critical part in a person’s love life. For instance, when a beneficent planet transits in the 5th house, it is an auspicious moment to propose the love of your life. In addition, if the 5th lord is positioned in the 1st or 7th house, there is a likelihood of having a blissful and successful love life.

Astrology and Breakup

If you are having problems in your love life, you should look into your horoscope or get it analyzed by the astrologer near me. However, Mercury’s placement in the 5th house can create issues in your love life. The negative Mercury causes conflicts, and your mate will likely behave immaturely. The reason for the breakup might be owing to reckless behavior.

The negative Rahu, too, causes problems in your romantic relationship and may result in a love triangle. You might also fall for another person from another religion or community. Overall, Rahu is the root cause of every conflict, misunderstanding, and lack of interaction.

Tips to Stay Happy in A Romantic Relationship

Follow the below-mentioned tips to spread happiness everywhere in your love life:

  1.     Take regular fasts

 Fasting is thought of as the ultimate practice with which you can please God. When it comes to romantic relationships, you must keep a fast on Wednesdays if you are seeking true love. The negative effects of malefic planets in the 5th house are minimized. It is advised to keep a fast throughout Mercury retrograde.

  1.     Reciting certain mantras

Mantras can be a cure for every problem of life, and they can help eliminate them. You get the heavenly blessings of Lord Ganesha while you chant the Ganesha Atharvashirsha mantra. Furthermore, it helps you to recuperate from the adverse repercussions of the retrograde period.

Omm Laxmiee Narayanaah Namah and Omm Hreenn Shrieenn Laxmie Narayanaaah Namah are other mantras that astrologers often suggest. Chant them every morning if you want to keep every problem in your love life at bay.

  1.     Pray Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati

Praying Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati can bring more and more peace in your relationship. Both the divine Gods are a representation of the Sun and the Moon that are too associated with the planet Sun and Moon in your birth chart. It aids in the steadiness of your relationship and strengthens your 5th house.

  1.     Betel leaf

Take a betel leaf or paan leaf and write the name of your love. After that, dip it in honey. This is a great astrological remedy that you can consider to come closer to your loved one.

  1.     Avoid gifting anything in black color

Never gift something in black to someone. This is because it is thought to be unfortunate if you love them and want to begin a relationship with them. Moreover, never give or share anything that has sharp points. Giving such things as gifts can have a negative effect on your relationship and may lead to a breakup.

Final Verdict

For everyone in love, it is important to have matching vibes, mental approaches, and thought processes. However, your love life is strongly affected by fate, and not everybody gets the companion of their dreams. Therefore, they lead a stressful life. Astrology plays an important part in deciding the path and success of one’s love life. There are several remedies that can help in finding your true love and strengthening your existing relationship.

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