Pre-Owned Car Before Buying
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Buying a car is a special moment for most of us, no matter whether it is a new car or a used car. But while buying a used car, you need to act very carefully and thoroughly inspect the car and make sure it is in good condition. This guide is created to help you protect from investing in any unwanted car that may later cause massive trouble for you. By the end of this post, we will have enough understanding to inspect pre owned cars in mobile al under $10,000. Let’s start!

Start with inspecting the car exterior

The very first step in inspecting any car is to look at its exterior. Simply walk around the car for dents, scratches, wear, and tear. Also, look at the paint job, and make sure it is not faded. Inspect all the gaps between doors and fenders. Uneven gaps also mean that the car is met with accidents and repaired very poorly. Turn your flashlight on and check underneath the car for corrosion and rusting damage. Open and close all doors to check if they are making any unwanted noise.

Inspect the glass panels

Carefully inspect the glass panels like windscreens or windows for cracks. Don’t ignore it because cracks lead to an expensive repair. Likewise, check all the lights, including the backlight, front light, or fog light, and ensure all are in working condition.

Inspect the car interior

While inspecting the interior, look at the upholstery for stains and cigarette burns. Also, look for scratches on metal and plastic parts inside the car. Switch on your air conditioner and check the airflow. The next step is to check the reading of the odometer. The final step of inspection is to switch on the ignition and check the warning lights on the dashboard. Also, check other accessories like parking sensors and cameras.

Check the suspension system

The vehicle suspension system experience wears and tear. Ensure you push down each corner one by one and see if the car rebounds to its original position. If the car keeps on moving up and down, it is a sign of bad shock absorbers.

Inspect the frame for damage

It is another key part of the car inspection process when considering the used cars for sale under $20000 near to you. Frame damage mainly occurs when the car is` met with accidents. Take a look at the frame carefully and make it is perfectly good in condition. Any issue with the frame can be dangerous while driving the car.

Check under the hood

The ultimate goal of checking under the hood is to check all the engine components for any damage or mechanical issue. While checking under the hood, check all fluid tanks for leaks. Similarly, Belts should not have any sign of cracks, the hoses should not be soft, there is enough engine oil, the coolant should not be dirty or brown, etc.

It is time to test drive

Once the inspection is done, it is time to test drive the car. While driving the car, check the accelerator, brakes, and gear shift mechanism. Take a sharp U-turn at a low speed to check the suspension systems and if the car makes any rattling noise.

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