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How parents, guardians, teachers and at-home caregivers can support reading acquisition at home is a topic that I often get to discuss with our trainee teachers. After all, literacy skills are part of the core minimum, also often referred to us a functional skill.

Million Dollar Question

That getting the children to read books at home is something that we all know; the million dollar question is how exactly we embed that habit into the routines of the children. A reward system would always be handy whereas, for example, the child gets $1 for every book that they read. If spoiling the kid with money is a concern, a condition could be placed that the savings would only be spent on an approved expense such as buying something for the room.

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A Fair Point

I get to hear often that this equates to bribing to do something that the kids should be doing any ways voluntarily. It’s an interesting and fair point, however, it fails on the premise that the incentive systems in real life work on the same principle where people get rewarded for doing good things that they should be doing any ways without a reward. Furthermore, it is almost always likely to motivate the children to read more than those who do not get any incentive to read more.

Successful Initiative

Parents, guardians, caregivers and teachers collaborating with the children to make the reading a successful initiative is also critical. One of the many ways in which this could be achieved is through having focused discussions with children about events and principles covered in the book.

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Final Thoughts

This would also deliver an added advantage of polishing the comprehension and communication skills of the children. And most importantly, it will create an intrinsic motivation in the children to read more, read with passion, and develop a greater understanding, as they would want to get involved in constructive discussion with their parents, guardians, caregivers and teachers.

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