The hemp business has been growing steadily since its legalization, making it lucrative as there are many customers to satisfy. Most time, it is difficult to find quality seeds.

Having quality seeds means a bountiful harvest. However, identifying the quality seed can be stressful. However, there are well-known strains like the Gg4 Autoflower seeds, which are fine Auto-flowering seeds. This particular seed is well known in the hemp world. However, the world does not revolve around only this seed as there are a lot of other quality seeds out there.

Getting auto flower seeds for many will seem like big feet; however, if you consult the right seed banks, you will see that these seeds are at your fingertips. There are lots of seed banks in the USA. However, if you want the best seeds, research and find the best autoflower seed bank in USA.

Quality to people is a relative thing; it all depends on your perception and feeling about the product. Most times, there are things you want out of hemp seed, and if you don’t get it, you don’t tag it as quality seed. And some other people will get that same seed and rejoice because it meets all their requirements. The original glue gg4 seeds is another quality seed you can consider.

How to Identify Quality Hemp Seeds

One of the most important prerequisites for developing healthy hemp plants is the usage of high-quality seeds. Instead of always relying on your feeling and guts in picking a quality seed, there are general things to look out for that indicates a quality seed. True, the ultimate yield is affected by various conditions, including appropriate watering, nutrition availability, and optimum light quality. 

Appearance and Feel

It is one of the easiest ways to evaluate the traits and quality of hemp seeds. To know a quality Sativa seed, the appearance is one of the most important things to check. The outer shells of genetically better and healthier seeds tend to be darker in color. Grey and black colors with the odd tiger stripe are one of the most visible markers of excellent seeds.

Aside from having a deeper color, higher-quality seeds are hard and do not bend or shatter when pressed between the thumb and index finger. On the other hand, old or poor-quality seeds break and crumble quickly under pressure. Healthy seeds will also have the appearance of a wax coating on the shell surface, especially when exposed to intense light.

Trials and Errors

Simply putting hemp seeds in soil is one of the easiest ways to evaluate their genetic potential. You will witness the results in a very short time. This option is great for home gardeners that have plenty of time and space. However, for commercial producers, this may not be a viable option.

Recognized Brands

A reputed seed bank is without a doubt the most reliable source for superb seeds. These firms are regarded for having exceptional breeding skills and delivering precisely what they claim to their clients. Many of these seed banks have an outstanding market reputation.

Float Test

Another way you can determine quality healthy seeds is through a float test. If you are still unsure about seed quality after examining the look and hardness of the seeds, perform the float test.

Fill a glass jar or drinking glass halfway with water and lay the seeds on top. Seeds that float on the water’s surface are most likely of poor grade. Healthy seeds, on the other hand, will sink to the bottom.

Avoid Bagged Seeds

You may count yourself fortunate to have discovered some seeds in your hemp package. However, these seeds are not suitable for a variety of reasons. For starters, this indicates that the grower made a mistake and enabled an invading male to fertilize the female plants. Once pollinated, female plants focus solely on seed production and stop generating THC-containing resin.


In conclusion, knowing and getting quality seeds will save you a lot of stress; when you know how to determine quality seeds on your own. You can walk into any seed bank and get hemp seeds without doubting the quality.

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