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When you have some external clients for which you campaign online, you may be wondering if you will go through the process of setting up a WordPress blog for them where you have all the premium content. It’s about the primary blog that has really good content, Ed calls it champagne content, and it’s really high-quality content on the primary blog. Then you use other networks, or all different methods, to connect back. You may be wondering, are you mainly doing this?

Absolutely! As an SEO freelancer Melbourne, when you set up that blog, put the T-ball on the stick. Then you go along and hit him with the bat. It is posting and attacking off-site content. Google loves it. They will shoot it. Once you have an authority blog, you can get rankings for any long tail phrase overnight, in long hours.

You may be wondering, what are your ideas for creating sites and things like that? It’s getting bogged down in the whole SEO strategy and building your blog network to support the sites. If you have a new client, are you thinking of creating some blogs or are you just creating one of them and then promoting it differently and then, say, focus on it?

No, you may build many. You start with your money page or your money site, which has your main content and then you definitely need to have a support network if you really want to make it strong. The great thing is, if you’re doing this for other people, you can moderate their site and you can rank with the sites around them. They should not own it. This can be a really good way to lock the service charge.

You might be talking to Mark Lindsay the other day and he was talking about the biggest growth in his business, taking these external customers on board and that’s funny, I’m almost listening to what’s echoing from you. Now you might be thinking that getting these external customers could be a big possibility?

It’s very profitable, as being an SEO freelancer in Melbourne is a lot more than selling an eBooks. Maybe because we talk every two days, that could be part of it too. He is a much switched person. You should hear anything from Mark Lindsay. Those people are doing a great job.

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