How to get the most out of your weekend trip to Bribie Island

It’s time to get to know Bribie Island if you’re planning a family vacation, a weekend getaway, or just somewhere to unwind.


Bribie Island is about 65 kilometres north of Brisbane and is connected to the mainland by a road bridge. You can also start your weekend on the water and travel by boat – hire and drive your own and be there in under 15 minutes from Caloundra.


Bribie Island is a showcase for the best that Moreton Bay has to offer, including a vibrant arts scene, an intriguing past, and breathtaking coastline beauty surrounded by crystal clear water.

Take a look on this ideas on how to spend your weekend on Bribie Island, which offers a wide range of lodging options like Keith’s units, dining options, and bush camping areas with views of lovely beaches.


Explore Bribie Island in 3 days

Day 1

The best of all worlds for beach enthusiasts may be found on Bribie Island, which has large stretches of surf beaches as well as a serene, sheltered shoreline.


Visit the foreshore of Bongaree Beach on the island’s safe western side for popular family hangouts. Bongaree is a well-liked location to rent a kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or jet skis. It also has calm water locations for leisurely swimming.


Enjoy a family picnic while admiring the breathtaking views of the bay and the laid-back neighborhood environment, which includes barbeque and picnic spots as well as children’s play areas. Use the spacious sidewalks along the seafront for a leisurely bike or Segway ride. Bribie island holiday rentals also have many activities for their guests. 


In addition to the picnic spots, the park is close to a number of cafes, neighborhood eateries, a grocery store, and an ice cream shop.


Day 1 Afternoon

Reconnect with nature and enjoy Bribie Island National Park’s breathtaking white sand beaches.


Accessible by boat or 4WD, the Bribie Island Recreation Area offers a mix of coastal and forest camping options. There are several independent campers close to the pristine Pumicestone Passage, and modest restrooms and showers are available at Poverty Creek and Mission Point.


Camp out and enjoy the simplicity and goodness of being in the natural world.


Visit the Bribie Island Bicentennial Trail if you like taking strolls among eucalyptus forests and paperbark wetlands. Explore the many wildlife trails; keep an eye out for goannas, kangaroos, emus, and kookaburras. Take images with your phone while touring the national parks and remember to only leave your footsteps behind.

Day 2

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you cruise through the Pumicestone Passage in search of dugongs, dolphins, turtles, sea eagles, and more than 360 different species of birds. It will be a journey to remember as you travel along the routes that Matthew Flinders took in the past and take in the sights of charming coastal settlements, national parks, shipwrecks, and gorgeous, unspoiled beaches, all with a backdrop of the Glass House Mountains.


If you want to spend extra time playing in the water following the trip, daring types can hire stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, a boat, or jet skis.


Keith’s On Pumicestone offers wonderful views of the Pumicestone Passage, Deception and Moreton Bays, as well as a vista of Brisbane’s lights in the distance.


Day 2 Afternoon

Visit the well-known Woorim Beach on the island’s eastern side for surfside experiences, access to vast sandy beach stretches for 4WDing, and fantastic coastline fishing places.


4WD enthusiasts will enjoy the chance to explore the tracks (in the bush or on the beach), or they can sign up for a 4WD beach tour with an operator. 


Day 3

Take a quick morning swim before returning to the mainland. However, why not extend your “island time” by exploring the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre, which is the centre of innovation and the arts. Explore the gallery to see the brilliant artists’ modern art, woodwork, cloth, pottery, and glasswork. Weekend workshops are also offered, and while you’re there, browse the gift shop or have a nice meal at the on-site cafe.


Check out the Sunday Vibe Markets for your fix of locally grown fresh produce. Enjoy the sunshine and clean sea air while shopping at the many vendors and stocking up on supplies for a picnic in the park.


Day 3 Afternoon

Visit the modern Seaside Museum with the kids in tow to learn about the fascinating tales and history of Bribie Island. The museum offers picturesque views of the Pumicestone Passage and Moreton Bay, a micro-theatre, a number of interactive collections, artworks, and exhibitions, as well as real-life accounts of Bribie Island’s involvement in World War II.


Bribie Island is a fantastic island getaway that is favored by families, nature lovers, and water sport enthusiasts alike.

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