It is human nature to expand the boundaries of one’s capabilities constantly. So, the desire to imitate the fish led to the development of scuba gear and submarines. The desire to soar in the sky along with birds formed the basis for the invention of balloons and airplanes. The twentieth century has become an actual piggy bank, bringing together the discovery of various types of vehicles. Part of the invented engineers and testers have already been able to put on a mass flow. Some remain a mystery and excite the minds of scientists to this day.

For example, a hoverboard – what is it? The shape is a board that floats in the air. According to the principle of movement – like a skateboard without wheels, it is possible to move through the air over a solid surface or water. Depending on its type, a special coating is required for a hoverboard, and there may not be strict requirements for the surface.

Where did they come from

When many adults are faced with the fact that invented devices from science fiction films are beginning to materialize in reality, they are perplexed. For example, in the film “Back to the Future-2,” people moved on hoverboards, and few could have imagined during the film’s release that the idea would appeal to the developers of new gadgets of the 21st century.

It turns out that the floating gadget came from the cinematic fantasies of directors. The history of technical implementation of the idea took engineers and scientists almost two decades.

Who came up with

Created in 2001, Dean Kamen’s “Ginger” resembled a fictional hoverboard. But later, the engineer’s development turned out to be a segway – an electric self-balancing 2-wheeled vehicle.

Attempts to create a device capable of hovering above the ground did not stop, and in 2004 another scientist Jamie Hyneman made a kind of vessel based on a surfboard and a pump for cleaning fallen leaves. But the effectiveness of Heinemann’s hoverboard was extremely low.

2005 – the year Jason Bradbury created a hoverboard specifically for the Gadget Show show program. The wooden board began to float above the ground under the action of the same pump designed to clean the foliage. However, the device was not self-propelled and was deprived of the controllability function.

2009 – the creation of an improved version, which was already self-propelled. The tool was equipped with a jet engine and was already working on two powerful pumps for cleaning leaves.

An exciting development of the designer Nils Guedagnin, who created a hoverboard model that uses the power of a magnetic field. The disadvantage of the device is the inability to perceive the load. Mounted above the podium, the board was equipped with built-in electromagnets and a laser positioning system. The interaction of these forces made it possible to keep the model motionless in the air.

October 2011 – Exhibition Fête de la science 2011, organized based on the University of Paris VII. Denis Diderot. The attention of visitors and participants was presented to the MagSurf unit, which, due to magnetic levitation, rose to 3 cm and could move up to 1 centner of cargo. The device works due to the action of the Meissner effect.

In 2014, an athlete and extreme sportsman from the UK, took up the creation of his prototype of a fantastic hoverboard. He developed the Flyboard, which moves over the water surface. The primary mechanism that drives his invention is the powerful pressure of water a jet ski supplies. It requires 1 or 2 people to operate. Thanks to good pressure, Zapata’s hoverboard can speed up to 43 km / h, and the lifting height above water is up to 6 m. The same inventor created the Flyboard Air, hovering in the air thanks to the operation of 4 jet engines with a power of 250 hp. Each. A supply of fuel in the form of kerosene is placed in a tank, secured with straps on the BackBack of the pilot operating the mechanism. The hoverboard is controlled remotely by remote control from the pilot’s hand, and maneuverability through the platform tilts with the help of legs. Maintaining balance is the task of an automatic system from a complex of battery-powered gyroscopes. The bottom surface of the platform is equipped with four posts for a stable landing and comfortable boots for the pilot.

March 2014 became famous because the company HUVr Tech launched a viral promotional video on the network about the allegedly already produced prototype hoverboards, known from the BackBack to the Future series of 1985. When the number of users who showed interest in the “duck” reached critical levels, the authors of the video published information about the humorous subtext of the news.

In the same 2014, information began to flicker in the public domain about the startup segbo, which presented a working prototype of the hoverboard from the film to a limited number of users. And the developers allegedly collect funds for the development of the project.

Lexus is a division of the Toyota automobile concern in 2015. announced its version of the Lexus Hoverboard flying board, which works according to the laws of quantum levitation. The disadvantage of the novelty is the ability to move only along a special coating. The developer offered subscribers a video of the gadget, where he directly passed the test.

Why Are Popular Hoverkart

Having dealt with the concept of “Hoverkart” and what it is, you can think about the reason for the popularity of these funds. Firstly, young people love everything new, technically complex, and mobile. Secondly, the desire to master a new type of transport gadget is fully justified. People riding flying skateboards get a considerable level of adrenaline in the blood and a healthy drive.

The reason for the popularity of Hoverkart is their cheerful disposition. Only those who have tried to control the acceleration with their feet will understand this sensation. In recent years, flying skateboards have been used in large business centers, facilitating the movement of employees who are always in a hurry. It is difficult and time-consuming to overcome hundreds of square meters of office space on foot, and a mobile vehicle helps optimize staff’s labor and time costs.

What are hoverboards

A simple consumer could not buy the original hoverboard due to the high cost. But there is an affordable alternative to the newfangled gadget on the Russian market – a unicycle.

Types of alternative means of transportation

A hoverboard is a means of transportation when a foot platform is attached to one or two wheels.

Such mechanisms are driven by an electric drive powered by onboard batteries. It is necessary to control the hoverboard by balancing the body in the right direction. A complex system of gyroscopes on the platform from below ensures a person’s balance.

Who creates?

Several large companies are engaged in the production of hoverboards today; we will consider the products of each of them in more detail.

An excellent copy of the hoverboard from the movie “Back to the Future” – the segbo flying board. Thanks to the idea’s implementation, the floating gadget is now at the stage of collecting investments; the startup’s total amount is at least 250 thousand US dollars. Experts and analysts are sure that the fundraising is progressing at a good pace, so the production of hoverboards will soon become onstream.

Flying skateboards from segbo, or rather, their prototypes, are still imperfect:

move exclusively over a copper or aluminum surface;

emit an unpleasant penetrating sound;

The noise level during operation is relatively high.

Gadget developer Greg Henderson is confident in his invention’s usefulness, and the project’s technical side is provided by Arx Pax, the parent company of segbo.

Getting a prototype board in the micro version is enough to transfer about $ 300 to the Hover account. The consumer will receive the Whitebox – an inventor’s kit in a small box for this money. The device can rise above a solid surface up to 2 cm and withstand pressure up to 20 kg. The basis of MFA is the laws of electromagnetism and Lenz’s rules.

To test the model, not only a flat surface is used, but also a tiny halfpipe. This requires the desire to demonstrate all the features of managing the facility.

The most significant disadvantage of the segbo Hoverboards is a lot of noise, but Arx Pax plans to get rid of it first of all when collecting investments in total. There are also plans to change energy efficiency – now, a skateboard can lift an adult above the ground for a maximum of 7 minutes.

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