How To Get Rid Of Possums Without Harming Them?

Possums can be considered aggressive as well as non-aggressive pest that creates unhygienic conditions in and out of your house. However, there are many ways how to get rid of possums without harming them. Some of a few simple ways that help you to do cruel-free possum removal are to make your surroundings less appealing, use natural repellents, etc. In addition to this, you can also trap or catch possums without having them in any way and this absolutely works. 

Different Ways To Get Rid Of Possums Safely & Securely- Cruelty-Free

  • Install Possum Boxes

Are you still wondering how to get rid of possums without harming them? You have many ways and one of which is to install the possum boxes. Do you have no idea what possum boxes are and how they look? We would love to explain to you about possum boxes and their installations. Possum boxes are wooden structures that act as homes for possums and prevent them from entering your home. 

These boxes also appear like a home that is easily accessible for possums as it will be built outdoors, on a door. However, you need to note that while installing the possum box(s), it should be placed on a tree 8.5 to 10 feet away from the ground. This measure helps possums to stop coming in contact with predators and lets them be in a quieter environment. Note- the post should lie against the trunk. 

  • Building Of Fences

Possums are known for their ability and have great climbing skills. However, they can only jump about 1m high from the ground. So, if you place something higher than 1m then it would become harder for possums to enter your property. The solution to this is to build a sturdy fence around your property over 1.5m high. 

This way you can prevent people from entering your home in all ways. But, if you have a smaller fence that is below 1.5m high then you can take the help of fence spikes to prevent possums’ entry. As a result, you are not only taking a chance to prevent possums’ entry but also deterring them. 

  • Secure The Compost 

Any food fresh or rotten possums love to consume while enjoying it. In fact, keeping possums away from your fruits and vegetables is quite a hard task as they love anything that is delicious. Moreover, possums also choose those food items to consume that are highly nutritious and healthy, like herbs.

Therefore, the best way to prevent possums away from your vegetable or fruit garden is to secure them safely. Also, you need to make sure that your compost bin is secured with a tightly closed lid on the opening. To secure compost bins, other methods can help you protect them. 

  • Block & Seal Entry Points

Putting an end at the starting point. One of the best solutions you can think of when wondering how to get rid of possums without harming them is to block and seal the entry points. As possums are night-active pests, they take refuge in some hidden, safe, dark and unknown places during the daytime. In addition to this, roof cavities are also a great place to hide during the day and wait for the night to fall. 

So all you have to do once night falls is to seal all these places that possums frequent during day times. This way, you get to indirectly block access to possums’ entry and their forage for food, water and shelter. However, while doing all this you need to make sure possums are trapped inside the spots you are sealing off. 

  • Use Of Plants As Deterrents

Several plants also play a major role in preventing possums to invade your privacy because they are natural possum deterrents. In another way, you can consider possums as anti-fans of many plants that are helpful to mankind. Those plants are namely chrysanthemums, geraniums, mint, banksias, etc. There are also strong-smelling herbs like oregano, rosemary and sage that naturally deters possums from entering your home. So, either plant these or blend them into a paste and spread them in affected areas of possums. 

  • Motion-Activated Lights Or Sprinklers

Setting up sprinklers or motion-activated lights is also an ideal way to prevent possums. How is that possible? First, you need to take a motion-activated light and place it on a perimeter around your home, around vegetable plants, on the front side of your property, etc. After this, once a possum comes in contact with these motion-activated lights, then the device gets triggered. When passive senses trigger motion-activated lights they keep themselves away from your place. In fact, motion-activated sprinklers are better than lights as they are more effective and quickly frighten away the pests called Professional Possum Removal Perth


If you would like to stop thinking about how to get rid of possums without harming them, then quickly follow these above tips or get in touch with possum removalists. Because professional removalists of possums not only remove possums but also the potential infestations pest build or create. Experts do this because they do not want possum from re-entering your home even after possum removal treatment. Another thing about hiring a possum removal service for your assistance is the assurance you get for results. In fact, it is praiseworthy that experts make sure to leave the possums in a territorial area 50m away from the infested property. So, contact experts today if you find aggressive possums running around your garden or scaring over your pets! 

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