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Mice are the most commonly found pest in a household. They can stay hidden for a very long time within homes inside the attics storage box lofts and other interiors. They not only destroy your property by chewing paper, cloth and wires but also work as the carrier of many diseases and ticks and fleas into the house. Once they have entered into a house, it gets extremely difficult to get rid of them. You can try some home remedies to remove these annoying mice from your property.

Best Mice Removal Methods

Don’t let these pesky mice destroy your property anymore. By using DIY methods of rodent removal service, you can eliminate the mice infestation from your property. 

  • Proper sanitization- Food and shelter are what attracts mice to your home. They eat food present in your trash bins. To get rid of these mice you need to properly clean your place, empty your trash bins and store the packet food into the box.
  • Sealing the taps- Mice are small in size so they can get inside through any crevices, you need to restrict the entry point  by sealing every possible entry point for the rats and mice into the premises.
  • Rat traps– Set up a trap using bait which attracts the mice into that trap. This is the simplest method to eliminate mice infestation from the premise. The trap needs to be placed near their entry point to the house or the most active passage where they roam around in the property. 
  • Storing food in airtight containers– If you have a habit of keeping food without storing it or sealing it in a container then you are throwing a big mice party in your house unknowingly. To avoid such situations you need to start keeping your food into an airtight container. 
  • Peppermint Oil- The prominent smell of peppermint is not a favourite one for mice. You can use peppermint oil in their hiding spots to get them out of your property. 
  • Onions- The mice are not big fans of the scent of onion. They run away with the smell of onions so you can place one fresh onion into the possible hiding areas for rats. 

Hire Best And Professional Mice Extermination Service 

Micks Pest Control Sydney have experts who are licensed and certified in removing mice and rats. They have gone through an extensive training program to provide you with the most reliable rodent control service. Our service providers work 24 hours 7 days a week so that if you have any pest problem at any point of time, we will be there to help you with emergency services. The products that we use are chemical-free and the equipment used for rat and mice extermination is of high quality which gives effective service to the clients. You can take advantage of our cost-effective service by calling us or you can book our friendly team for pest control through our online portal. You need not worry about the pest infestation in your house, just call our experts and relax. 


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