How to format a USB flash drive on a Mac

USB flash drives are very useful equipment which helps in storing data and adding mobility to them. You can load your files on your USB drive or use it to save backups to restore. You can even load songs and movies on it and share it with your friends or family. But sometimes we find it necessary to delete or format USB Mac. If you own a Mac and are thinking of deleting your USB drive so that it works perfectly, you would want to do it the easy way. For example, if your USB device has got corrupted, it may not be that easy to get your USB drive formatted. Read About Pokemon Unite.

So how can USB format on Mac help? How would it help you get more data when you need it and help you keep your USB as good as ever? Here are some ways in which a USB format can help you format your USB drive.

  • Flash drives are formatted for Windows by default. It is necessary to format the USB drive for the Mac OS file system to make it fully compatible with the platform.
  • USB drives have limited space and it will be crucial to format it to free up space.
  • USB drives can be corrupted or infected by viruses. The only way to remove these issues is by formatting the flash drive.

How to format a USB flash drive on a Mac

You can easily format Mac USB drives by following the steps mentioned below. All you have to do is have your Mac or laptop and USB drive. Then you can learn how to format USB on Mac.

Connect USB drive

Turn on your Mac and connect the USB drive using one of the USB ports. Make sure the USB is connected properly.

Select Utilities

Now launch the application program and click on the Utilities option on the right side pane.

Start Disk Utility

From the many tabs, select Disk Utility. This will open the Disk Utility interface.

Select your USB drive

On the left side you will find a menu with your USB drive displayed in the list. Click on your USB drive name and select it.

Initiate Erase

Now select the Delete tab at the top of the window on the right side of Disk Utility.

Set the Format setting

Now click the drop-down menu next to Format to select the formatting options. You can choose any format you want. But to make your USB drive fully compatible with Mac, you need to format it in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) option.

Choose a name for the USB drive

You can enter a name for your USB drive before the format starts. Click the box next to the name and input of any name you want.

Start formatting

After everything is set, now it’s time to start formatting. To enable it simply click on the Delete tab in the lower right part of the interface.

Again, and format

The program will display another confirmation before the format starts. Select the Erase option one more time to start formatting USB drives. After that your flash drive can be used with Mac or other computers.

USB format on Mac can sometimes go wrong or you may have to delete some data. Many times we mean not deleting anything but doing it wrong. So we are destroying our brains looking for ways to recover the lost data due to USB format on Mac. Fortunately, help is on the way as there are some programs that make it possible to recover deleted data from USB drive.

Recover it – The Best USB Drive Data Recovery Software

Recover it program for Mac can be used to recover data lost due to deletion, partition errors, formatting, virus attacks, system errors, and a number of other causes. It can track several types of files from various locations including the Mac platform and even external sources. The flash drive recovery software comes with thoughtfully essential features that retrieve data efficiently in various scenarios.

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