Turkish Series

When you want to watch a series in Romanian with subtitles in Turkish, you may be wondering how to do it. The answer is not always as simple as you might think. You will have to search for the series in Romanian on different websites. To get started, try the Timeless Drama Channel or Kayi Family. Other sources include SPI/FilmBox or Ertugrul.

Timeless Drama Channel

UPC Romania has agreed to broadcast the new channel, Timeless Drama Channel, which features Seriale Turcesti with Romanian subtitles. The channel, which is launching with over 800 hours of fresh content, includes eight Turkish TV series including Karadayi, Black Money Love, 20 Minutes, Moms and Mothers, Five Brothers, The End, and The Last Word. For more information on the channel, visit timelessdramas.ro.

Kayi Family

If you want to watch Turkish series in Romanian subtitles, you have to know where to look. One of the best places to look is on peserialehd, as the selection of Turkish TV series and movies on peserialehd is constantly expanding. Not only does peserialehd offer Romanian subtitles, but you can also find English translations of most Turkish series and movies on this website. If you’d rather watch Turkish series on the internet, you can also try Dailymotion, which offers free episodes of Turkish drama. Unlike other Romanian-subtitled sites, you can access Turkish series without registration, and there’s no annoying pop-up advertising.


For a better experience when you are abroad, you may want to tune into the SPI/FilmBox Turkish series with Romanian subtitles. The channel will air Turkish series with Romanian subtitles through its broadcasting partner, UPC. Timeless Drama Channel will feature award-winning Turkish television series. The channel will be available in Romania through UPC’s basic package. SPI/FilmBox has also signed a distribution deal with UPC Romania.


It is now easier to watch Turkish series on television than ever. With a number of regional languages available, these shows have huge international followings. These Turkish series are one of the country’s main cultural exports, with audiences exceeding 650 million worldwide. A number of them have even become so popular that they have been banned in some Arab countries, as the series has a supposedly “rose-tinted” view of the region’s history.

Powerpuff Girls

If you’re a Romanian fan, you might be wondering how to find the Powerpuff Girls in Turkish subtitles. There are a number of online sources, and you can even get a DVD with the subtitles already included. But how do you get the subtitles from these websites? First, you need to know the languages that the cartoon is being dubbed into. Usually, it’s not a problem. Most of the Romanian-language TV shows come with subtitles, and you can find the series’ episodes in Turkish.

Hotel Transylvania

If you’re looking for TV shows with Romanian subtitles, then you’ve come to the right place. While Romanian television is not as popular as American TV shows, there are plenty of Turkish series on the internet. One of the best places to find them is on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Using search terms like “dubbed” or “turkish” will help you locate the series you’re looking for.

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