How To Find Free Access To Textbooks Online?

If you have come here in search of, “How To Find Free Access To Textbooks Online?” then you, my friend, are at the right place! 

With a lot of finances to sort at hand and embracing new adjustments, one can easily be overwhelmed. The anticipation of beginning your first class assembled and ready, without feeling the burden of the expensive price tags of books that are around – the idea already sounds so much better! 

To save your pockets a few extra bucks and make your college survival easier, we have combed through the internet and brought down a few genuine pages that commit to their word of mouth!  

Every available online website that claims to deliver free textbooks online does not really fulfill it. 

In rather maximum cases, the claims are just mere jargon and you just sit there staring at your screen, disappointed. 

So, without further ado, let’s hop on our list so you can bookmark all of these amazing pages to score some free textbooks online to use anytime. 


Find Free Textbooks Online – For Real! 


Topping our list of websites that claim to deliver free textbooks online is SolutionInn due to two really distinct and huge reasons! 

First, they are actually delivering free textbooks online 

Secondly, they are delivering real books – not those PDFs, to your doorstep at zero cost! 

If you are someone who loves the feel of paper and ink under your hands and can seem to fully digest the idea of online textbooks all the way, then today is your lucky day! 

They have over 2.5 million+ textbooks from over 3500 courses available online with absolutely free shipping. Other than offering free textbooks online to students, they also cater to delivering step-by-step answers to your textbook problems. 

The platform is also a hub for online tutoring and also offers job opportunities to online tutors around the globe! 


One of the best student tools available online is Bookboon. There are several options available for free online textbook downloads in a range of academic areas, all without compromising on quality. It is especially helpful for downloading textbooks on business and the STEM fields.

But all of Bookboon’s other features are what really makes it a fantastic resource other than the Free Textbooks online facility. The website offers a variety of audio learning tools, including e-books, seminars, and more, covering topics related to business and professional growth. It is extensively utilized by organizations to enhance the skills of its staff and is trusted by well-known brands. Getting a head start while you’re still in school is a good idea because it can offer you the advantage you need to secure your dream career right out of college.

Project Gutenberg 

Since Project Gutenberg is the oldest digital library still in existence, most academics who teach at colleges, have faith in it. Project Gutenberg focuses on offering texts of classic literature with expired copyrights, offering more than 60,000 free e-books. It can now be used and distributed without having to pay a fee.

You may download your texts immediately from the website without taking any additional steps, as it is legit to get free textbooks online, so there’s no need to register or download any annoying apps. If you’re seeking fresh (or old) reading material, it’s a terrific resource. 

The Assayer

Unfortunately, many places where you may obtain free textbooks online are maintained illegally. The Assayer gets through this obstacle successfully. It’s the greatest online collection of books that the writers have made freely accessible, so you may use it to read their masterpieces ethically and legally.

The older, static texts are available here, even if you might not be able to discover the most recent textbooks. It’s a terrific location to obtain free online textbooks for disciplines like math, physics, and computers in particular.

Open Textbook Library 

For all those grads and higher students, this one is for you! 

If there is one platform that understands how your course may require you to purchase more than one expensive title to invest in during the semester, this is the one! 

Open Textbook Library has an array of free textbooks online available for students’ success. There are as many as 1053 textbooks available in the portal that can be downloaded for free. The platform claims that these resources can significantly allow you to yield your performance throughout your academic year. 

Other Ways to Find Free Textbooks Online or More

  • Every so often professors usually get donated textbooks from their previous students. You can always reach out to them and ask! 
  • If you require a book for a brief time or a reference guide, you can consider renting it. There are numerous student stores and even Amazon offers a similar facility. 
  • Try buying second-hand books. Buying used textbooks is another fantastic option if you cannot find free textbooks online because they have the same content you need but can sometimes be hundreds of dollars cheaper.

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