A medical claim is a bill that medical professionals send to an insured person’s health insurance company. This bill includes special medical codes that describe the treatment provided during a patient visit. Any service a provider utilized to deliver care is described by the medical codes, including:

  • Diagnosis
  • Process
  • Medical Supplies
  • Medical Plans
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health care transportation

A provider must submit a claim with all relevant procedure codes/disease codes and the associated fees. These codes are evaluated by health insurance companies, often known as health Insurers, to decide how much they will pay a provider for their services. The duration of stay and 30-day readmissions have an impact on provider compensation under a value-based example.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to submit an insurance claim for medical care in Pakistan.

  • Your health insurance must be submitted as a written intimation as the very first item you must do.
  • When claiming your health insurance in Pakistan, be sure to provide all the details of the incident and what caused it.
  • Add every piece of documentation and proof needed to finish the health insurance claim filing procedure. As required by law and your insurance provider, the paperwork must be signed and witnessed by the designated officials.
  • In Pakistan, the procedure for filing a health insurance claim may often take 30 days. The insurance company also confirms the submitted document at this time. Before disclosing the coverage amount, a background check is also performed.
  • It is preferable to discuss this with a representative of the insurance provider of your choice. They can effectively help you with Pakistan’s medical insurance claim procedure.

Best Insurance Company helps you in the process of Claiming:

If you require services related to health/medical claims then one of the top-ranked health insurance companies “United Insurance Company of Pakistan Ltd” will help you in the claim processing. To assist and support their customers, they provide 24/7 hours’ services.

For Health claims, you can register your claim 24/7 by using UIC online claims portal:

Digital: UIC introduced the smart online claims system which enables clients to submit their claims 24/7, 365 days a year, from any device including a smartphone, PC, or tablet. The company facilitates its customers to process claim intimations in an innovative and quick way to get things done.

Fast – Compared to conventional methods of notice, registering a new claim often takes less than nine minutes. Additionally, you’ll get an immediate response.

Simple – the portal will only ask questions pertinent to each claim’s specific circumstances and will expedite claims that don’t need additional documentation or evaluation.

Efficient – You can upload supplemental materials, which reduces the life cycle by limiting Chubb’s follow-up demands.


Lodging a health insurance claim is somehow a complicated procedure. It requires a lot of information relevant to the covered risk. To make the procedure simple and understandable, United Insurance Company contributes greatly to helping the claimant with ample information.  Firstly, UIC can help you comprehend your claim since, although it must be thorough and explain why you’re being charged for what, claims can be confusing. Secondly, UIC provides an online digital portal for the timely processing of intimated claims.

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