A lot of people would agree that seeds is the best way to feed birds. Perhaps you could sum it up with three words: seeds with pellets. Ask any veterinarian who treats sick birds and you’re likely to get a more complicated answer.Because we use bird feeders, we often think of birds as eating seeds. Do you know that birds love seeds?

Why wild birds eat seeds

When we look at our bird feeders, it is apparent that only a small amount of the seeds wild birds eat make up their diet. They have likely eaten at least 10 bugs, moths and spiders for every seed they eat. Do Birds Have Sex Even in the depth of winter, most wild birds manage to find dormant sources of protein–bugs–available for snacking.

They can supplement their diet with wildbird food seeds that provide calories, mainly in the form fat. This is especially important in winter, when they need to keep warm.There are millions upon millions, however, of wild birds who have no access or choose not to eat seeds. What are those birds doing?

Wild seeds are eaten by some birds. This is why you should not clear your garden of weeds or deadhead your plants as winter approaches. Birds can survive with very few or none seeds.

Do you feed seeds to your pet birds

So, why not fill our bird boxes with seed bird food?The nutrition of a seed is primarily made up of fat and carbohydrates. It is the best, most delicious junk food I can imagine. If given the option, many animals will gravitate towards unhealthy fats. Most birds are no exception.

Wild birds require a high level of carbohydrates and fat to provide energy. They must avoid hawks and spend cold nights outdoors, find mates, and raise their babies. Pet birds have a lower energy requirement so don’t require as much fat.

I highly recommend pelleted bird food

These specially formulated kibbles contain all the nutrients that birds need, and are mixed into a pellet (much like dry cat food or dry dog food ). These diets are designed to prevent your bird from picking out what she likes and leaving behind the rest.

There are many brands available on the market. These differences can vary depending on what species of birds you have and whether or not you prefer foods with artificial coloring. Roudybush is one of the most popular brands. These brands have been a success for me over the years.

My house also includes small amounts of healthy foods like eggs, chicken, pasta, vegetables, and fruits. Before adding any additional food items to your bird’s diet, you should consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can help you determine the right portion sizes. However, a good rule is to not make your bird’s daily food more than the size of their foot. You should include some of the following food groups in your daily portion: protein, vegetable, and fruit, as well as carbs. Sugar is not considered a food group.

Tips to Transition Your Bird to a New Bird Feed

Always consult your veterinarian before you give your bird food to your pet. Do Birds Have Teeth  There are many ways to change your bird’s diet from one that is rich in seeds to one that is pure and natural? This is my preferred method for young birds who are in good health.

Every other food in the cage is removed. I then give the bird the food they want. The only food the bird can eat is healthy food. No matter what you complain about, this is the only food the bird can eat for the day.

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