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According to marketers, Instagram will have 1.3 billion users worldwide in 2022 and is used by one of every three social media users. 

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In short, it’s time marketers should be active on Instagram. However, Instagram is not new, and neither is the idea of bringing your Instagram presence to your business website. Showcasing Instagram’s presence on the website has helped the brands in many ways. An Instagram widget on the website has helped the brands to showcase social proof and improve the credibility of their brand and website.

If you are a marketer struggling to choose a method to embed Instagram feed on a website, we have something in store for you. 

3 Easy Methods To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

When showcasing an Instagram feed on website, most marketers get confused about choosing the right method. While some choose to upload the desired Instagram at their website’s backend, some find it a complicated process. However, this list mentions the best and easiest methods to embed Instagram feed on a website. Could you have a look and thank us later? 

#1 Social Media Aggregators

A social media aggregator is a tool that helps you collect all the social media content from numerous platforms, including Instagram. Social media aggregator tools help you showcase customizable Instagram feeds on a website in no time. By customizable feed, we mean you can easily change the themes and layouts to resonate with your brand image as a user. It helps you to create an impressive visual appearance infront of your website visitors. 

As a user, you can also lay your hands on a custom CSS feature that helps boost your widget’s customization. You can also use the moderation panel to remove the Instagram posts you do not want to showcase to your website visitors. It helps you to stand as an impressive brand infront of your website visitors. 

You can also use the analytics feature of these tools to know about the engagement happening on your widget. With these tools, you can also showcase Instagram reels and stories on the website. Such content helps you retain your website visitors for a longer time. 

#2 WordPress Plugin

If you own a WordPress website, WordPress plugins can work best for you. If unaware, plugins are third-party tools that enhance your WordPress website’s functionality. 

There are so many plugins that can help aggregate content from Instagram and embed it on the website. You must install the plugin on WordPress, collect the feed you want to embed, and generate the embed code. And paste it at the backend of your WordPress website. 

Most of the plugins also help you customize your widget’s appearance. Moreover, it also helps you to improve the efficiency of your widget. 

#3 Instagram Official Embed Feature 

Instagram gives you an easy and free feature to embed Instagram feed on a website. You can use this method to embed instagram posts on major CMS platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly etc. You can easily add an Instagram feed in simple steps. You have to open your Instagram Business App in a web browser. Choose the post you wish to showcase on the website and click on the three dots. You will see an ‘embed’ option and copy the code. Paste it at the backend of your website. 

However, there are two drawbacks to this method. For one, you cannot customize your Instagram widget. Apart from that, you can show just one Instagram post. Every time you want to showcase a different Instagram post, you must repeat the process.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Widget On Website

When showcasing Instagram’s presence on the website, they wonder if they should take a step forward. Here are some major benefits that will convince you of the task:

  • You can broaden the audience for your Instagram content by showcasing your Instagram feed on the website. The more website visitors see your Instagram glimpse, the more likely they will click on the widget and check out your Instagram. Additionally, it will aid in converting website visitors into potential Instagram followers. The homepage is the greatest page on a website to display your Instagram feed.
  • If you run a website, you probably want to lengthen visitors’ stays there. The dwell time reveals your website’s quality and how engaging each page is. An Instagram feed with interesting material can increase the length of time spent on a website. It will entice customers to learn more about your company and brand. Remember that adding an Instagram feed to your website won’t lengthen visitors’ stay. The text should promote your brand while being interesting to read.

To Bring Things To A Close 

Instagram is a great place to be active as a brand owner. Once you have incorporated Instagram into your marketing strategy, you must create content that resonates with your brand. Your content should be easily accessible and understandable. When you have enough content on Instagram, you can embed Instagram feed on the website. An Instagram widget on website can help you retain your visitors for a longer time. 

So don’t wait anymore; use the abovementioned methods to embed the Instagram feed on the website and achieve the desired revenue goals.

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