How to Download SHAREit for Your Laptop

SHAREit is a product of the SHAREit Group, extensively used as a digital content platform for sharing files, pictures, videos, documents, audio files, gaming apps, etc. Compared to Bluetooth sharing, file transfer with the SHAREit app is 200 times faster. 

The use of diverse types of data has become vital to the daily lives of people. From transferring pictures to a friend to sending essential work documents to a colleague, you might need to send distinguished types of files reliably every day. This is where SHAREit comes in. It provides a pretty reliable passageway for file transfers. This application is available on Android, Windows, and iOS and is used by millions of people worldwide.  

SHAREit for laptops has brought in a high degree of innovation and advancement in the system of file sharing. It can free you from the hassle of maintaining DVDs, CDs, and USBs and provide file transfer capabilities similar to these devices but with more efficiency, reliability, and convenience. More importantly, you do not even need to have a working internet connection to facilitate the file transfer. For all these, SHAREit has come forth as one of the most dedicated file-sharing apps in the market.


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Downloading SHAREit for Laptop

Choosing to install SHAREit on your laptop or PC can change how you manage and share your files. It allows you to enjoy swift and seamless file transfers for diverse file formats. 

Most file-sharing applications for PCs and laptops require the users to have a working internet connection. However, SHAREit facilitates file transfer at lightning-fast speed without having access to the internet. Hence, you can use it for transferring files almost anywhere, even if you are visiting a remote region with weak internet connectivity.

There is a chance of quality loss and data leakage while transferring files from one device to another in many instances. But such issues do not occur while using SHAREit for file transfer. 

Furthermore, it does not require the users to undergo rigorous installation processes. As soon as you install SHAREit for the laptop, you shall be able to exchange files between the computer and other devices, like your smartphone or tablet, in a hassle-free manner. 


Step: 1

You firstly need to download the ‘.exe’ file for SHAREit. You can do so by visiting the official SHAREit Group website. 


Step: 2

Subsequent to downloading the file on your laptop, you need to follow the straightforward installation steps. The setup menu shall request you to agree with the terms of the agreement, much as any other software. Once you have agreed to them, it shall ask you the directory of where you want to install the application. Finally, you need to click ‘Next’ and install SHAREit for the laptop.


Step: 3

Select the ‘Next’ option to complete the installation. Click on ‘Finish’ as your installation is completed.

How to use SHAREit? 

  • If you want to transfer a file to your laptop from your phone, you will have to open the SHAREit application on both devices.
  • Now you need to select the files that you want to send via the SHAREit app present on your phone and click on the ‘send’ option. You may choose to send any application, audio, video, text, or photo file.
  • After selecting the files and tapping on ‘Send’, the app will search for devices nearby to send the files. For transferring a file to your PC, you may have to either choose the ‘Connect to iOS’ or the ‘Connect to Windows’ option, based on the operating system for your laptop.
  • As soon as your scan starts, you shall be able to see the device names of nearby laptops and PCs. Next, you need to select the name of your laptop among them and connect it to your smartphone.
  • You shall see a pop-up window coming on your laptop screen that asks your permission to connect to your mobile phone. You need to click on ‘accept’ here to get started with the file transfer process.


Opting to install SHAREit for the laptop and using it to share files is an uncomplicated process. You may even connect your mobile phone and laptop with the help of a QR code.


By Russell Crowe

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