How many families have the awareness of musical enlightenment for their children, so how to enlighten their children with family music? Hope the following suggestions are helpful to you Innova Toys Discount Code NHS.


  • pleasant music
  • Musical instruments easy for kids to master


  1. Let the baby listen to the wonderful sounds around, let the baby feel the beauty of dynamic music.
  2. Play interactive games that create pleasing music, such as letting children try to touch the keys of the piano from bass to treble, so that children can feel the beauty of different music. 
  3. Do more games with a sense of rhythm, which can cultivate the baby’s sense of rhythm, and the rhythm will be very strong.
  4. Play music or sing lullabies anytime, anywhere, sharpen children’s ears, and cultivate children’s interest in music.
  5. Children can be exposed to sounds in nature, such as birdsong and insects singing, thunder and rain, which can cultivate children’s sense of music. The sounds in nature must not be ignored.


Take your children to observe life more and listen carefully to the voices in life

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The benefits of baby playing toy books with sound music

  • Baby
  • Mother

Recommended Reason

  1. Babies over the age of 10 like to operate with their hands. They want to press, touch, and flip through everything, and they can hum simple nursery rhymes and music.
  2. Give a baby of this age a big adoration when he chooses a playbook with sound and music, that is, a book with a button to play it.
  3. For example, “Listen, what is the sound”, which covers a variety of common sounds: the sound of wind, waves, the sounds of various animals, the sound of musical instruments, the sound of vehicles, etc.
  4. Let the baby operate the buttons on the toy book while reading the book, not only can let him hear all kinds of rich sounds, but also make his little hands more flexible.
  5. parent-child game method
  6. You can read a book with your baby, tap to the music, or sing along to a song.

Different functions of different toys

Toys accompany children’s growth, and parents now pay more and more attention to the benefits that toys bring to children. So, let’s take a look at the different functions of different toys today.

Intellectual toys

Intellectual toys include chess toys, classification toys, jigsaw puzzles, etc., which can cultivate children’s learning concepts, improve children’s memory, attention, observation skills, etc

Emotional toys

Emotional toys include stuffed toys, play house toys, etc. These toys are generally completed by role-playing among children. Therefore, this kind of toy is conducive to the cultivation of children’s imagination, sympathy and other aspects.

Art toys

Art toys include drawing paper, paints, scissors, colored pens, etc., which can improve children’s visual ability, coordination ability between hands and eyes, and improve children’s hands-on ability

Musical toy

Music tapes, toy musical instruments, music boxes, etc., are conducive to developing children’s hearing ability and training their concentration

Language toys

Language toys include video tapes, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, books, etc., which are conducive to the development of children’s language and expression skills.

It can be seen that different toys have different functions, and you can choose toys according to the needs of children’s abilities

Special Toys for Kids in American Families

Parents love their children very much and buy a lot of toys for their babies to play with. Do you know what toys American parents give their children?

In my American landlord’s house, there is nothing but kitchen knives, scissors and other “weapons” for cooking. It is something that children cannot touch, in order to make children familiar with the use of various electrical appliances and equipment at home from an early age.

TV at Home

It also became a toy for two children. The two-year-old daughter likes to play with the touch switch of the TV. She often turns it on and off, and her parents don’t stop her.

Household lights, humidifiers, etc.

Kids can switch it on and off at will. Parents are so relieved, it probably has something to do with the civilian voltage in the United States. The standard civilian voltage in the United States is 110 volts, while that in China is as high as 220 volts.

Digital camera

It has also become a toy for children of two or three years old. As soon as the landlord brought the camera home, he taught the children how to use it, and then let the children take pictures with it.

There are really a few good shots, and the parents of the children will collect the photos. The scene of the two-year-old girl solemnly taking pictures with the camera is very interesting.

Mobile phones are even more famous “advanced toys”

The old mobile phones discarded by the parents are used as toys for the children, and the children have already dismissed them. The mobile phones that the parents are using can also be used by the children to press numbers randomly.

On two occasions, the children called 911, and the police came roaring to the door in a police car based on the phone’s registered address.

The nanny hired by the landlord’s family is a visiting scholar from China. After her visa expired, she stayed in the United States and did not return.

She thought the police were here to arrest her, and she was frightened and overwhelmed. In contrast, the police in the United States are “railroad policemen are in charge of each section”, and illegal immigration is under the control of the Immigration Bureau FireStar Toys Discount Code.


There are 3 computers with Internet access in the study room of the landlord’s house. The husband and wife each use 1 computer, and the remaining 1 computer is for the children to play with.

These 3 computers are turned on 24 hours a day and connected to the Internet at any time. The landlord’s 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter used the computer keyboard as the keys of a piano and knocked at will, and some inexplicable things often appeared on the computer screen.

Children love the children’s games installed on the computer even more. The landlord’s two-year-old daughter can’t start the game program by herself, and her three-year-old brother can already start the game program by himself. The two children often compete to play computer games.

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