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A chatbot is something that most people can envision and comprehend, whereas conversational AI is more technical or complex. This article covers all the key factors that differentiate chatbots and conversational AI. 

What is a Chatbot?

A conversational chatbot, often recognised as a virtual assistant, is a robot that can interpret and respond to human language via speech or text. As a result, “chat” comes before “bot.” Chatbots are very simple Q&A bots designed to respond to predefined questions. A chatbot’s heart is natural language processing technology, which allows it to interpret human requests and answer appropriately.

What is a Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a higher-level conversational chatbot. It frequently combines artificial intelligence (AI) with other technologies such as natural language processing, secure integration, machine learning, speech recognition, process workflows, identity management, dialogue state management, etc., to provide a more personalised customer experience while lowering service costs.

Conversational AI chatbot is a concept used to differentiate between simple rule-based chatbots and more complex chatbots. This distinction is especially important for firms or corporations using conversational AI solutions for a longer time.

Evolution of Chatbots and Conversational AI

Earlier chatbot implementations mostly focused on simple question-and-answer situations supported by natural language processing (NLP) engines. These were frequently considered a convenient way to redirect incoming customer support enquiries to a digital channel where customers could get answers to frequently asked questions.

On the other hand, these simple chatbots stopped short of doing more complicated tasks, often passing questions to human agents to continue processing the call, especially when the consumer enquiry did not go the expected course. Conversational AI chatbot was born as natural language processing technology advanced and industries became more advanced in their adoption and use cases. They moved beyond the typical FAQ chatbot, leading to an advanced and modernised solution. 

Features: Chatbots Vs Conversational AI

Better Human Support – Conversational AI

A Conversational AI chatbot solution can help your organisation provide improved customer service, which means more cases are resolved each hour, more information is consistent, and staff are less stressed as they are not required to spend so much time focusing on the same repetitive activities.

Human agents can devote considerable time to each customer, deliver more personalised replies, and jump back into an enhanced customer experience with reduced work pressure.

Ease of Implementation – Chatbots

Chatbots are easier to develop than conversational AI, where a single user can install and adjust the system via a guided approach. This is because chatbots are essentially question-and-answer systems. It’s simple to provide quick, basic responses if you know what people will ask or can advise them how to react. Conversational chatbots are commonly used for customer service, but they can also be used for other aspects of your organisation. Chatbots, for instance, can be used to request supplies for specific persons or teams or as a shortcut system for retrieving specific, relevant information.

Better Customer Experience – Conversational AI

A Conversational AI chatbot can handle vast data from clients, effectively automating high-volume interactions and regular operations. This implies reduced time on hold, faster problem resolution, and even the capacity to gather and present information intelligently if things do get through to customer service professionals. In addition, customers receive prompt, suitable responses from conversational AI chatbot solutions, allowing them to acquire what they aspire to with the least amount of bother. This provides a far superior experience to standard chatbots.

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