If you have orthodontic problems, you are wearing an orthodontic tool.

Nowadays, everyone is switching to aligners because they are convenient and better than aligners. 

So even if you are not using invisible aligners, then you should do it as soon as possible.

Not only are aligners better in comfortable issues, but they are proven to work faster than metal braces. So the chance of owning them is getting more significant for people every day. 



What do transparent teeth braces do to our oral health?

In a simple word, Please check Here are some of the important myth about transparent braces work as a shield for our gums and teeth. 

Even though they are used to treat orthodontic problems, they cover the mouth to protect it from any external object.

If anyone suffers from misaligned, overcrowded, crooked teeth, aligners are best for them. Even if you have a barely visible and very mild problem but still want a better smile, you can go for it because it has no side effects. In milder cases, you need very little time to heal. It will be fixed in 4 to 5 months. 


invisible braces for teeth are so helpful, and they always protect our oral at the same time and give us comfort. But do we care about them? 

Do we care about braces and make them happy? Are you confused?

Let’s break it.


Aligners are loved by us because they have many benefits like they are removable, transparent, comfortable, less time-consuming, and save money. Doing so much for us.

But do we clean our braces properly or take proper care of them?

I bet most of us don’t do.

So here, we will learn how to take proper care of our dear invisible aligners so that they can spend years to years with us.



What is told to us?

Most of us know the primary care of aligners. It’s the simple routine of cleaning. First, brush them with regular toothpaste, rinse them off with clear water, and wear them out after drying.

But is it really efficient?

Let’s have an eye at a short example.

Whenever we wash our face daily with a regular face wash and nothing more than that for a long time, it dries out our skin, making the situation worse. We develop dead skin cells that are not removable with a regular face wash, and our faces lack moisture.

Just like that, the same routine every day doesn’t stay good when we do the same with others.



What is the right solution?

Then what is the right solution for your aligners to make them stay with you for a long time without any damage?

We got a few solutions for you. 

The solutions are straightforward to do. You can do them at your home with kitchen and bathroom goodies. But the critical point is, doing them the right way. Over and less use makes anything worse. Maintaining balance is the key.


Hydrogen peroxide and water mixture

This is a standard method to make your aligners squeaky clean and antibacterial. 

To do this:

  1.     Take a bowl and warm your water.
  2.     Make sure not to boil the water.
  3.     Warm it lightly. 

In that, combine an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide in the bowl. Hydrogen peroxide works as a disinfecting agent. 

Soak the aligners in the bowl for approx. 30 minutes and take that off. After that, rinse the excess with fresh cool water, and that’s it. You get new aligners in a few minutes at home.

If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, you can use antibacterial soap water instead.

In that case, add the soap particles to the water and wait until the soap dissolves and bubbles come up. Then do the same process.


Baking soda and water

This is the easiest method.

We know baking soda is a good cleaning agent. Here it helps with aligners too.

People who don’t have anything present at the moment but baking soda in the kitchen and water in the tap can go for it.

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in light warm water. Soak the aligners for 30 to 60 minutes and rinse the excess with fresh water.

Make sure to dry them up before wearing them again.


White vinegar and warm water

Another good cleaning agent is white vinegar. 

Take one tablespoon of white vinegar in a bowl of light warm water. But decrease the time. Leave the aligners for 15 to 20 minutes approx and take them out.

Rinse the excess with fresh water and dry up the excess water.



The biggest myth?

The biggest myth we know regarding cleaning invisible braces is, using a regular toothbrush with regular toothpaste.

The regular or whitening toothpaste contains harsh chemicals that are bad and harsh for the resin material in the aligners. It destroys the material and causes decay.

Also, the regular toothbrush with stiff bristles is very heavy on the aligners, resulting in fine scratches.


So when you are cleaning the aligner regularly, use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth or children because they contain a mild cleaning agent. And there are brushes available in the market and online to clean aligners especially. Buy one of them and go for that.



How to choose the right one?

To keep your invisible aligners for teeth clean and safe, choose a brand that doesn’t compromise the quality. The best one in the market is Illusion aligners.

There is an Indian brand certified by the US FDA. This certification is most important for an aligners brand. 

Illusion aligners are sleek and thin, 

They are crack and stain proof, which means you are getting at least 90%protection of your aligners.

Illusion aligners are the only invisible braces India that have this benefit.

Invisible teeth braces price in India is also affordable. It varies from 50,000 to 1,00,000 lakh per year, depending on the severity of the problem.



However, this guide about cleaning your braces will help you as you learn that you shouldn’t use the regular paste and braces for your teeth.

Also, we have discussed the easiest cleaning method to keep the aligners clean and bacteria-free.


And with these, get extra protection from Illusion aligners and get back your smile.


By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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