Even when your significant other has already spelled out what they want for an engagement ring, choosing the perfect one for them can be overwhelming. With so many options available, the ring selection process can be nerve-wracking. You want to choose a ring that they will like forever. Between metal, stone, price point, and other factors, finding the perfect engagement ring comes with immense pressure. 

To help make the process easier for you, our team at Isadora Jewelry has put together this guide to help you choose the perfect engagement ring. Here are the vital tips to help you make this monumental purchase.

Do Not Get in Jewelry Trends

The perfect engagement ring is time and a symbol of your love for each other that will last forever. You should, therefore, not be caught up in the trends but choose something that will be perfect for your fiancé through the years. Take a cue from their current style to help you choose a ring they will wear for the rest of their lives.

Set Your Budget

Several factors affect the price of your diamond: they include color, clarity, cut, carat, and certification from the Gemological Institute of America or American Gem Society. It is essential to make sure that you familiarize yourself with all these factors to help you understand the price of your diamond better and know if you are getting a good deal.

The general rule is the less color the diamond has, the more it will cost. This means the clearer a diamond is, the more you pay for it. Diamonds with a larger carat size the more expensive it will be. If the diamond of your choice is certified by either GIA or ASG, it will cost more too.

Know Your Partner

It is essential to know what your partner prefers. Will you involve your partner in the ring selection, or will it be a surprise? Consider how you describe her to your jeweler if she is not part of the selection process. Have the proper adjectives to describe her.

 For instance, is she trendy or old-fashioned? Does she prefer gold, silver, or other precious metals? Is she a jeans person, or does she prefer to dress up? All these questions will help you choose the perfect ring for your partner.

Other ways to learn more about your partner include questioning her family and friends, paying attention to the rings she points out online, or when passing by a jewelry store and noticing the settings and cut of her current jewelry.

Learn The Jewelry Lingo

Here, you will need to learn about different popular cuts of diamonds, how they look, and their benefits and drawbacks. It is essential to know that some cuts, like round cuts, will make low-quality diamonds look more appealing since they reflect more light. Other cuts will work for diamonds that are already flawless.

Choose Your Setting

Ring settings are as many as diamond cuts. It is essential to formalize yourself with each before looking for the perfect diamond ring. Some popular settings include prong, pave, channel, and trellis. Some settings work better than others for specific cuts of diamonds. An experienced and repeatable jeweler will help fit your diamond to the right setting. They will also explain the metals used to make the perfect engagement rings. They include Palladium, 14K/18K White or Yellow Gold, Platinum, and Silver.

Choose The Right Stone

While the diamond is the most common type of stone for engagement rings, you can certainly have other stones on an engagement ring. Gemstones such as rubies and sapphires are popular choices for anyone who does not want to with diamonds.

Moreover, if you want a traditional look but do not want to pay the price of a diamond, morganites, and moissanite are great options. Lastly, lab-grown diamonds are a great option if you are hunting for sustainable and ethical jewelry. 

Meet Your Jeweler

Isadora Jewelry is a reputable jewelry house with experienced gemologists and designers. We are also certified and will help you choose the perfect engagement ring that will fit your budget and partner’s preferences.

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