Best Moisturizer For Your Skin
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Most of you might be thinking as to why you need to use a skin moisturizer. Well, to be honest, such a product aids in becoming a barrier for your skin. It helps in keeping your skin well hydrated and keeps it looking and feeling fresh.

When you search online for the Best Korean Moisturizer, you will be baffled to see that there are so many people who are selling them. And trust us, not all of them will be selling authentic products. So, how will you be able to choose the right one for your skin?

Know Your Skin Type

Based upon your diet, genes, and other factors, the skin type falls into 5 categories. The most common category in women is called combination. Prior to buying moisturizers, you need to ensure that you are putting the right stuff on your skin. The five types of skin is:

1: Dry

2: Oily

3: Sensitive

4: Combination

5: Mature

Well, if you are not sure about what type of skin you have, you can always take a simple test. The test only requires a couple of tissues and some of your time. Based up on how much the tissue has picked oil from your skin, you will be able to tell the type of your skin.

Choosing The Right Moisturizer For Your Skin

Keep in mind that when it comes to choosing the right moisturizer, you need to consider whether they are:

Fragrance Free Or They’re Unscented

As the name implies, fragrance free means that no fragrance is added in the product. But this does not mean that the product will be without fragrance. Some of the essential oils do provide fragrance in the product. However, unscented products may also include some sort of fragrance. But this only is done to mask the unpleasant odors.

Active And In-Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in the moisturizer tend to block the harmful sun rays and they act as sun screen agents. Whereas, the inactive ingredients help out the active ones but they do not fight to prevent sun damage in any ways.

Natural and Organic

Well, the natural ingredients are sourced from botanical sources and they may or not use chemicals. Whereas, the organic products are grown without using any sort of chemical or fertilizer.


What are parabens? Well, if you are a layman then you only need to know that they are preservatives that give most of the cosmetics a longer shelf life. They are used in a wide range of skincare and beauty products.

If you are looking for paraben free products for your skin, then you might want to search them on Sensoo as they have a complete collection of beauty and skincare products that do not contain paraben at all.


Just keep in mind that if you’re looking for any sort of beauty or skincare product, you should never opt for word of mouth referrals. Everyone has their own skin type and not all types of creams can be applied on them. So, research is vital before buying such products.

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