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Are you a beginner vaper? Does picking the right vape device from myriad options seem daunting to you? Do you want to know which vaping style suits you the best? If you want answers to all these questions, then you have landed at the right place. In this guide, you’ll get to know everything about vaping. Hopefully, after reading the blog, it will be easy for you to select the best disposable vape device among various devices! (voopoo vinci coils)

Why Are Vapes Trending? 

Vapes are trending, mainly because they help people to quit smoking. Various health organisations such as the NHS, The British Royal College Of Physicians, and the American National Academies Of Sciences Engineering and Medicine has declared vapes safer than cigarettes. The PHE even says that vapes are 95% safer than cigarettes.


In England, vape devices are used to combat cigarettes. The devices are being used as an aid to stopping smoking. Over the years, vape devices have successfully helped thousands of people quit smoking. 

Factors That Determine The Performance Of Disposables:

Disposable vapes are becoming popular among vapers because of their convenience and ease of use. The devices are seemingly more trendy among smoking quitters because they help them in their smoking cessation. 


Despite being in trend for many years, individuals still get baffled by vaping terminologies, especially beginner vapers. This comprehensive guide will cover factors that may help beginners vapers select the accurate device.

  • Appropriate Throat Hits:

If you were a previous smoker and have just switched to vaping, you may need devices that imitate smoking. You will be happy to know that some vape devices are akin to conventional cigarettes. Vapes are electronic devices that do not combust tobacco but heat the e-liquid. The e-liquid contains Propeyelyne glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavours and nicotine. 


The majority of disposable devices contain a high PG ratio. PG carries the flavour more efficiently and provides vapers with a harsh throat hit, which simulates the cigarette sensation. It contains either free-base nicotine or nic-salt. 


When combined with PG, freebase nicotine gives a harsher hit throat, which beginner vapers might not like. Novice vapers who switch to vaping to taste different e-liquid flavours can opt for nic-salt e-liquids or nic-free e-liquids. 

  • Flavour Efficiency:

Flavours are the crucial elements for any vape juice. If you are coming off cigarettes, the recommended e-liquid flavours for you would be menthol or tobacco. However, some people love trying out different other vape juices such as fruity, dessert and ice. 


Disposable vapes come in a variety of different flavours. You can choose any flavour of your choice from other vape juices. Always ensure you pick the flavour that perfectly matches your taste buds. 


  • Battery Performance And Puff Counts:

The battery is the most integral part of any vape device. If the battery of a particular vape is not good, i.e. depleted soon., you may have a terrible vaping experience. The battery life of a disposable vape depends on the e-liquid and the puffing rate. 


  • Brand Authenticity!

As the vaping industry grows, the number of vape shops and brands is also increasing. Out of so many vape brands, it would be tough for you to choose the right brand. Therefore, it is important to check the authenticity of the brand!

How Much Time Does The Coil Require To Saturate?

The modern vape world has several devices, most of which have different atomiser head designs. Some of the vapes take longer to absorb the E-liquid; however, some only take a minute or two. However, on average, let your voopoo vinci coils sit and prime for around 10 minutes. Moreover, your smok rpm 2 coils health will be negatively affected by this action.



Selecting the right vape device is very important because if you pick the wrong one, you may have a nasty vaping experience that might relapse back to your smoking habits. A disposable vape helps you combat your smoking habits. It requires little to no maintenance. The device needs no fiddly vape coils changing, and nor does it require messy e-liquid changings.

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