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You’ve gathered your content, created a stunning website, improved searchability, and are now ready to launch. What should I now look for in a web hosting service? How can I contrast the variety of Web Hosting in Lahore that are offered?

The answers differ depending on your website’s particular requirements, including your audience’s location, the volume of traffic you anticipate, and several other considerations.

But ultimately, the four most crucial aspects to consider when assessing a hosting service are:

  1. Speed
  2. Reliability
  3. Scalability
  4. Security

How quickly will my website load?

No matter where your site visitors are, you may gauge a hosting service’s performance by watching how rapidly your content loads in their browsers. If all of the files for your website are stored on a single server, far away from it, visitors may experience increasingly sluggish page loads.

Utilizing a content distribution network to store and distribute your assets is the remedy (CDN). A CDN disperses your files among server centers worldwide before delivering them to visitors via the data center that is most convenient for them. This guarantees quick page loading for all your visitors anywhere in the world.

Naturally, we went above and above by using not one but two CDNs to ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible for visitors from all around the world:

  1. Fastly
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

How we speed up your time to the first byte using Fastly (TTFB)

Your HTML documents are sent using Fastly, the first CDN we employ. We utilize a second CDN since we know the first document must load quickly because it informs the browser which image, CSS, and JavaScript files it needs next.

Pagespeed tools frequently ignore this. However, there is solid evidence that it impacts how well your site ranks: A Moz article claims that there is a link between reduced TTFB and better search engine rankings, which is just another justification for our heavy emphasis on this crucial statistic.

How we use Amazon Web Services to quicken the rate at which website material loads

The materials for your site are delivered to you from even more locations (or “PoPs,” for “Points of Presence”) by our second CDN, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloudfront. This guarantees that both photos and videos will load very rapidly.

Scalability: “If my site becomes popular, will it crash?”

Will the volume of traffic on your site be manageable? Or will you be server crash if there are too many requests made of it? The primary query for scalability is this: What happens when traffic to your website increases?

For you to handle any amount of traffic, the finest services take this by dynamically spinning up servers as your traffic ebbs and flows. Web souls hosting accomplishes this with assistance from Fastly and Amazon EC2.

Will I have to deal with downtime?” is a reliable question.

A non-working website is of no utility. Because outages are annoying, search for a service with a 99.99% reliability guarantee (and damage your brand).

Because your files are frequently stored in shared hosting space, which may go down if your server neighbors experience sudden spikes in traffic, “cheap” hosting is often quite unstable and, paradoxically, expensive to your business.

We take great pride in our uptime. We had a 99.999% uptime rate last year with a total downtime of just 1 minute.

Protection & HTTPS/SSL

Have you ever noticed the distinction between websites whose URLs begin with HTTP:// and those that start with HTTPS://? The letter S stands for “secure” and denotes that an SSL certificate encrypts all connections between your browser and the website. The “HTTPS://” portion of your domain may still appear in the address bar of some modern browsers, while Chrome will display a lock icon instead.

To indicate that this page is SSL-secured, Chrome displays a lock.

This is crucial for any website that exchanges personal information, including e-commerce sites and websites that collect data through forms. SSL also has an impact on search. Since Google made it known in 2014 that websites without an SSL certificate will suffer ranking penalties, SSL is now a requirement for any primary webpage.

What else ought I to think about?

While speed, stability, scalability, and security should be your top priorities, We also offer a range of other tools that can significantly impact SEO and performance.


Although only some hosting platforms have adopted this new standard, it promises quicker web pages throughout the internet. There is a significant likelihood that HTTP/2 will soon be incorporated into Google’s ranking system because the search engine giant has always been concerned with page speed.

Here are a few advantages of HTTP/2 compatibility and support:

  • Multiplexing: Rather than just one connection, your browser can receive requests from numerous sources. Imagine doing so as though you were moving from a one-lane road to an interstate.
  • Header compression: By loading the top of your pages before the rest, your browser speeds up content delivery to site users. This is a significant improvement, particularly for mobile.

Unlike other services, this hosting has been HTTP/2 compatible for a while. (Even servers who do provide it frequently reserve it for higher-tier packages.)

Other strong hosting characteristics

All of the capabilities above are necessary, but many more can make operating your website much simpler and more convenient. Automatic backups and version control are two of them. Save and name a site version whenever you like by pressing Command + Shift + S keys on a Mac or Control + Shift + S on a Windows computer.

Simple publication procedures; site-wide and per-page password protection

  • Image responsiveness
  • Defense from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults

Hosting offers the following features:

  • Form submissions (manage lead gen and let us store your data for you). Similar to Wufoo, but integrated with WebSouls!
  • Social media and SEO tools: control OpenGraph and SEO meta tags from a single, practical interface. You may easily automate your metadata optimization by integrating it with the CMS.
  • Dynamic embeds: Connect Website CMS to Shopify for e-commerce, SoundCloud for music, Eventbrite for events, and any other application that uses embeddable custom code.

It combines all of these components into a world-class hosting architecture that can be accessed instantly. This means that when you publish content using a website, your site’s files and assets are immediately available for any traffic volume anywhere in the world.

Do you want to know how strongly we support hosting?

We spent much time and thought creating one of the Web Hosting in Karachi available today. Businesses that use Kisi have seen an increase in organic traffic of over 300% while also being able to support thousands of requests per second from companies like Eventbrite.

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