Senior travelers are more diverse than ever before. They range from 50 to 80, making them pretty hard to characterize. Seniors often vary in terms of their interests and energy for different activities. On top of that, most people in this category do not think of themselves as seniors. It is, therefore, essential to be very keen when choosing the right cruise ship to ensure you have a great time on board.

If you are 55 or older and planning your next cruise, we have compiled a few factors worth considering before booking your next vacation.

Cruise Ship Size and Ambiance

Choosing the right cruise ship is essential for every cruiser, regardless of age. Here are a few things senior cruisers need to consider when looking for the perfect cruise ship or line:

Small Ship

Many seniors prefer having an intimate experience that can only be found in small and midsize ships. While small ships cannot offer the same services and extra activities offered by mega ships and bigger boats, they have a more relaxed and comfortable ambience that many mature travellers appreciate.

Small ships are also easy to get around. However, they tend to be more expensive than the bigger ships. Some cruise lines that offer such ships include Regent Seven Seas Cruise, Azamara, Viking cruise line, Panant and Seabourn Cruise Line.

Adult-Focused Cruise Lines

Senior travellers prefer cruise ships with experiences catering to grown-ups only. This way, they are sure that they will be around people closer to their age and at the same stage in life. Senior cruisers enjoy trips where fewer kids are running around. Think like Viking Ocean Cruises, which does not allow kids under 16 on board. Oceania Cruises and Seabourn do not prohibit onboard children, but they do not offer facilities catering to children.

Cabin Choice And Configurations

Similar to other travellers, senior travel budgets may vary. Some may live on a modest retirement income, while others have a lot of money to book luxurious suites. There is enough choice in the cruise industry to allow everyone to find a cruise itinerary that meets their price point and preference.

Singe Cruise Cabins

Single cruise cabins are designed for seniors who do not have partners and prefer to travel solo. Recently, cruise lines have been carving out single-state rooms. Examples include the Cunard, Holland America, and Norwegians cruise lines.

Connecting Cabins And Family Suits

If you plan to travel with a large family, you might want to get ships with connecting states room. For instance, Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream offer 500 connecting cabins, with some featuring a veranda partition that opens to create a shared balcony. The Royal Caribbean Quantum–class ships also featured a studio cabin, junior suite and standard balcony cabin linked to one big family room suite that sleeps ten people.

Exclusive Suite Areas

Suite complexes are great for multigenerational cruising. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Haven and MSC Cruises’ Yacht Club offer such suites. These exclusive suites allow seniors to enjoy the benefits of a large ship while enjoying less crowded spaces such as limited-access restaurants, sundecks and lounges.

Accessible Cabins

Seniors need help with mobility, hearing, sight and other health issues hence the need for accessible cabins. While many cruise line offer accessible cable for disabled passengers, the number of accessible cabins available on every cruise ship tends to vary. Even within a fleet, accessible cabin features are not relatively standardized, and you need to ask specific questions before booking a cruise trip to know what to expect.


Most seniors are empty nesters and are no longer juggling careers and family. They can travel for long periods, so most prefer lengthy trips. Many want to travel to new places, while some want to go to places they have been to when they were younger.

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