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Even before your first performance is to take place, you should choose a band name. It should be such that your viewers will easily remember it. In this article, EKmixmaster studio will show you how to find your own name. There are several factors that make a band name truly unique. It should reflect the genre you play. A short name is remembered better than many words in a row. People should feel comfortable saying your name. Therefore, make sure that the name of your band sounds good.

Be creative – your name should be creative and attractive. Boring band names have no place in the music industry. How do others find their band name? Here are three famous examples.

The members of the Ramones are not related at all. The guys just changed their real names to Ramone. And the name itself comes from Paul Ramone – the pseudonym under which the former Beatle Paul McCartney performed in 1960 as part of a tour of Scotland. Queen group. Freddie Mercury liked the name because for him it meant theatrics and a big show. The name sounds pompous, but it is quite consistent with the eccentric performances of the frontman, who liked to appear in a royal cape.

British rock band Led Zeppelin didn’t have to come up with a name themselves. Keith Moon, The Who’s drummer, said that Jimmy Page’s band would “go down like a lead airship,” that is, Lead Zeppelin. Producer Peter Grant suggested that they simply remove the “a” and form Led Zeppelin. So, let’s move from theory to practice and look for a suitable name for your group.

Step one: define your musical style. The title should match what you’re doing.

Step two: brainstorm. Write down all the words that you associate with yourself, your music and songs.

Step three: combine your favorite words. Ideally, the combination can consist of two to four words. Try out what band names sound good and mark your favorites.

Step four: shorten long names. Well, or make an abbreviation of them. Then all the fans are wondering what name is hidden behind the mysterious letters.

Step Five: Ask friends and family for advice, discuss your name ideas, and conduct a short survey. Offer several options and ask if they are right for you.

Step six: after you have decided on the name of the group, check on the Internet, in case there is already a group with that name. If so, not only is there a risk of confusion, but it could become moot if the name is already protected. Then you will have to look for another name.

Step Seven: The name of the group has been found, and now you should check it for “stability”. Perhaps tomorrow it will not seem so successful to you. After a day or two, check how your name sounds and whether it remains as suitable for you as before.

Step eight: and finally you can go on stage under your new name. Print out posters with the band’s name. The group website increases your online visibility.

Together with audio mixing services, we have compiled a simple step-by-step guide for you. Following it, you can find a truly loud and memorable name for your team. However, you can use the group name generator. Such a service creates suitable titles in seconds. And then you can change them as you wish.


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