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If you are a foreigner residing in the United Arab Emirates, then you are likely familiar with the Emirates ID. It’s a government-issued identification card that serves as an important form of identification and proof of residency status for all the people living in the UAE. Therefore, the UAE government urges to keep it updated and valid at all times. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of checking the UAE Emirates ID status and why you should keep it on track.

What is an Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is a biometric identification card that is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to all UAE citizens and residents. It contains important information about the cardholder, such as their name, photo, fingerprints, and facial recognition. Therefore, they are required to carry their Emirates ID with them at all times.

Importance of Emirates ID

The Emirates ID is required for many different purposes, from voting in the elections to traveling within the GCC. In this segment, we will discuss the importance of having an Emirates ID in the UAE.

  • Identification

The Emirates ID carries important information about the cardholder, including the name, photo, and biometric data which is used to verify their identity. Without this identification, they won’t be able to access basic services and participate fully in society. This document serves as a reliable form of identification that can be further used for opening a bank account, applying for a job, and many other purposes.

  • Access to Government Services

The UAE residents can easily access government services with an Emirates ID. For instance, applying for a residency visa or a driving license, accessing healthcare facilities, etc. Similarly, the Emirates ID is linked to government databases which enables the provision of more efficient and streamlined services to residents and citizens of the country.

  • Banking and Financial Services

Accessing banking and financial services in the UAE becomes easy with an Emirates ID. If any individual wants to open a bank account or apply for a loan, they need to present their ID. This will enable banks and financial institutions to identify their customer and prevent fraud and identity theft. Furthermore, they can also use it to verify the creditworthiness of the cardholder and make informed decisions regarding banking services.

  • Travel purposes

The Emirates ID is vital while traveling within the UAE and abroad. The card holds the nationality and residency status of the individual, and hence, can be used by border control authorities to ensure whether they are legally allowed to enter or exit the country. Similarly, the residents and citizens of the UAE, traveling within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, can use their Emirates ID to travel without the need for a passport.

How can you get an Emirates ID in the UAE?

The application process for the Emirates ID is incorporated into the UAE visa application procedure. Therefore, the visa processing fee will also include the Emirates ID expenses.

Here’s a detailed process for obtaining a residency visa in the UAE –

Apply for an entry permit – The entry permit is a prerequisite while applying for a UAE residence visa. Its validity period for 60 days, during which the applicant has to undergo a medical check and apply for their respective Emirates ID.

Medical checkup – The medical examination of the applicant is conducted in a health center approved by the immigration authorities. It is a mandatory step in the process of residence visa application. Once the medical test results come out satisfactory, the applicant can proceed with further procedures.

Apply for the Emirates ID – This specific step is carried out at the office of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship – ICP. During this process, the applicant has to provide their biometric data such as eye scans, fingerprints, etc. which is stored in the Authority’s system so that they do not have to repeat this process at the time of Emirates ID renewal.

Get the UAE visa stamp – The final step is getting the visa stamped on the passport. Generally, the residence visas are valid for three years, but in certain cases, the employees might receive a two-year visa.

The validity of the Emirates ID aligns with the validity of the visa of the UAE residents.

Why is it important to check the UAE Emirates ID status?

Checking the UAE Emirates ID status is important for several reasons. For example –  

Verification of information – By checking your Emirates ID status, you can verify whether the information on your card is accurate and up-to-date. If you find any errors or discrepancies, you can get them corrected on time without any legal troubles.

Renewal of expiration dates – The Emirates ID stays valid for a certain period, say 5 years and 10 years for residents and citizens respectively. So, when you check your UAE Emirates ID status, you can find out when it is due for renewal and start the process before it expires.

Immigration and Visa Services – The Emirates IDs of all UAE residents and citizens are linked to the immigration and visa databases. Hence, by checking the ID status, they can detect issues pertaining to their residency or visa status.

Security and Fraud Prevention – Checking the UAE Emirates ID status can also help to prevent fraud and identity theft. By keeping the card accurate and up-to-date, you can not only minimize this risk but also detect if any unauthorized changes have been made to your information and take appropriate action accordingly.

Thus, an updated Emirates ID has many benefits for you as well as for the nation. To get further details on the benefits of updating the Emirates ID card, reach out to the experts of Shuraa.   

How can you check your UAE Emirates ID status?

There are two ways to check the status of the Emirates ID –

  • Online/Offline

The cardholder can either visit the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security- ICP, or an accredited typing center.

  • Smart App

Using the ICA UAE Smart app is yet another convenient way to check your UAE Emirates ID status.

The status check process is quite simple –

  • Visit the official website of ICA
  • Access the online services related to Emirates ID on the “E-Services” tab
  • Choose the option “ID Card Status Inquiry”
  • Enter some basic information such as your Emirates ID number, date of birth, and security code
  • Once you submit all the details, the system will display the status of your Emirates ID

Seeking expert help is yet another easy alternative to get your work done. From Emirates ID issuance to renewal and replacement, Shuraa Business Setup will be your true companion in each and every course of action.   


In conclusion, the Emirates ID is a shield that protects your identity and helps you access various services in the UAE. hence, it is crucial to keep it current and authentic.

Shuraa Business Setup will help you apply for your Emirates ID in the UAE. Their team of professionals will work on your behalf and save you from the hassle of running around and dealing with hefty paperwork. So, whether you are planning to set up a new business or looking for fresh business ideas in Dubai, Shuraa is here to assist you all the way up.


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