Growing your own cannabis is a fun experience that every cannabis user should experience at least once in their lifetime. If you try it, you may discover that you enjoy it, and it’s more cost-efficient than going to your local dispensary every other day. If you have decided to grow your own plants, the next step is to find seed banks located in the USA that you can trust.

Seed banks are facilities that store cannabis seeds to maintain their genetic properties for their future generations. These seeds are usually stored in vaults that are resistant to explosions, storms, and even radiation. The seeds are usually kept in low humidity and controlled temperatures to preserve the seeds and guarantee their viability.

A typical marijuana seed bank not only stores the seeds but also sells and feminizes them to reduce the chances of producing male species. There are many seed banks available online, like the archive genetics seed bank USA; you need to do enough research before you choose a reputable company to shop from.

Type of Cannabis Seeds to Buy Online

Cannabis seeds usually come in three different varieties; regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds. Each of these seeds is unique and has qualities you need to learn before deciding on the one to cultivate.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are a mix of male and female seeds. They germinate to form either male or female cannabis strains. Growing regular seeds require more attention, especially if you want them to sprout. Because male plants are not very useful, you manually remove the male plants to prevent cross-pollination.

Feminized Seeds

These seeds are strictly female seeds that form plants that produce pollens. These plants have the ability to self-pollinate, resulting in an increase in yield. Note that if these female plants are under environmental stress, they may produce male plants.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are much easier to grow. They depend less on changes in the lighting cycle when compared to other seeds. They initiate flowering stage on their own and usually take a short duration of 8 weeks to mature fully.

How to Discreetly Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Below are a few tips if you want to buy seeds discreetly and secure your identity

  • Look for seed banks that allow you to pay in Bitcoin or any form of cryptocurrency. This method is untraceable.
  • Use VPN or ignite mode to hide your activities if you’re using a shared network.

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