Investment Banking Jobs

There are fascinating entry-level investment banking jobs available in the modern financial corporate world that promise high growth. Investment banking is another profitable career path where individuals are well-paid monetarily and in terms of recognition.

Investment banking is a challenging career with inadequate rewards for the time and effort required. However, this is not the case, and with time, it becomes a stable, rewarding, and relaxed occupation.

Skill Requirements in Investment Banking

There is no required course or qualification in India to become an investment banker. However, courses such as B.Com Honours, Bachelor of Finance/Economics, or a chartered financial analyst programme can assist candidates in gaining entry-level positions in the field.

Individuals can even enrol in an investment banking course if they are unfamiliar with the fundamentals, as the courses teach the candidate everything from scratch. Apart from this, a basic understanding of the following skills will help an individual outshine their growth as an investment banker:


  • Analytical skills are required in investment banking to conduct finance modelling and research to advance in this field.
  • A job in finance or banking will never be secure unless you have strong mathematical skills. As a result, calculative skills must be excellent.
  • Investment banking entails various accounting and financial management tasks, emphasising the importance of developing financial skills
  • Individuals can gain fundamental knowledge in project management by learning a few IT skills such as PowerPoint, ERP, and SQL.
  • Finally, a person must have communication, interpersonal skills, programme management, data analysis, and other soft skills.

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Duties of an Investment Banker

Investment bankers assist businesses in managing and growing their financial assets. Their primary goal is to increase the value of the organisation’s investments through market trading and profitable securities.

As a result, they are qualified to work in various fields, including corporate finance, equity capital markets, and debt capital markets. Based on that, the following are their responsibilities:


  • Conduct financial research for the organisation and provide stock market, finance, and other advice.
  • Assist clients and create investment pitches, presentations, and other materials.
  • Develop necessary recommendations for valuation, private equity, and client relationships.
  • Assist businesses in raising public and private capital.
  • Participate in all stages of the transaction and use buyout methods.

How to Find Job Opportunities as an Investment Banker?

Before applying for entry-level investment banking jobs, you must determine whether it is a good fit by conducting thorough research. 

Suppose you have already secured a good amount of investment banking internship experience. In that case, it will be easier for you to get a job in the same industry with a better salary. Then you must approach the right person by writing an exciting cover letter to catch their attention.

Network with more and more people for added benefits, as it is always beneficial to get career guidance that can lead to significant advancement in the future.

TresVista is an excellent platform that provides investment banking fresher jobs with rigorous training to its employees for their development. During the job, a new investment banker learns everything about accounting, markets, rest, finance, and so on, as well as some extra skills like communication and negotiation.

As a result, it is easier to become an investment banker with TresVista, which provides close monitoring with good exposure to the employees with many opportunities.

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