Although financial experts say that 1% of your income is an acceptable amount for holiday spending, it’s hard to put an exact figure. لعبة اون لاين Moreover, it’s very easy to spend more than you can afford so let’s make sure you avoid that scenario.


 1. Average Cost of Holiday Spending

In 2020, holiday sales increased 8.2% so the National Retail Federation (NRF) expected Americans to spend 8.5% to 10.5% during this holiday season, bringing overall holiday spending between $843.4 and $859 billion. This translates to an average of $997 this year, divided between friends for family and friends and non-gift holiday purchases such as decorations and food. Then there is another non-obvious holiday expense you might not even think about- the energy cost of holiday cheer and all that entertaining. Although it depends how much extra cooking and entertaining you planned on doing, your Vectren energy bill is bound to get higher over the holidays. However, being mindful about your energy usage and conserving energy can save you So, in order to offset some of those costs it’s important to be mindful of your energy usage and conserve energy whenever possible in order to avoid Vectren power outages.

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 2. Find Perfect Holiday Gifts Without Breaking the Bank

What we often forget is that we don’t need money to impress or simply make someone we care about happy. Just because you’re taking the cheaper route doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sentiment — quite the opposite, you can make a personalized DIY gift that is much more thoughtful and therefore, much more valuable.


 Make a photo collage

You can make an adorable heart collage, use a simple industrial wire board, or take mason jar lids and make a wreath with photos on them.


 A DIY tea tree

All you need is the carton from a paper roll which you will turn into a tree with tea bags. The name itself will win them over, but they will also smile everyday when they go to make their cup of tea.


 Make an infused salt bath mixture

All you need is Epsom salt and a few drops of essential oils. You can find plenty of enchanting recipes online such as a destress mixture of lavender, rosemary and mint or orange, ginger and cinnamon for some classic Christmas cheer.


 Make a cookie jar

The only thing better than getting the cutest cookie jar is the one filled with delicious cookies that are cheap and easy to make.


 Make a sign

All you need is a piece of wood and a string. You can paint a simple ‘welcome’ or something catchy and fun like ‘coffee is like hug in a mug’ or ‘home is where the heart is’.


 3. Save Up for The Holidays

Even if you missed your chance to buy your gifts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there are still ways to save money.


 Buy in bulks

Your holiday gatherings won’t cost as much if you buy your napkins and groceries in bulks.


 Use the Secret Santa method

Secret Santa is of great help to large families and enterprises. Moreover, having to buy just one gift does not only ease your financial burden, but it can be even more fun as you get to be more creative when your energy is not all over the place.


 Conserve energy whenever possible

Your Centerpoint energy bill is bound to get lower if you use LED Christmas lights that are much more efficient. Moreover, your gas Centerpoint Vectren bill will benefit if you dress for the occasion, meaning in many layers as opposed to turning the thermostat up, along with other energy conserving habits such as turning off your oven a few minutes before the meal is done and letting the heat finish the job.


 Choose your gas and utility provider wisely

Making sure you have the best rate for your usage can save you several hundred dollars from your annual utility bill. If anything is easy these days, the Internet makes it too easy to check and compare all available rates in Ohio.


 Make your own decorations

You can save money by making your own alternative Christmas tree and wreath. Be creative as you can use anything from wine corks to tree branches you can connect with strings. You can even bake your own decorations. كازينو العرب 888


As easy as it is to overspend during the holidays, saving is not an impossible mission. Moreover, with so many sustainability topics in the air, maybe it’s time to change some traditions and think outside the box, using money more wisely along the way.


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