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When I started my Instagram journey, I didn’t know I would one day be a “top Instagram influencer.” Companies (click here ) reached out to me in the beginning to review their products. I was the CEO of Garnish, a startup.Since then, things have taken on a new life. I now have more than 194,000 Instagram followers and counting. I have been approached by more than 500 brands for promotions and sponsorship, including Target and Bumble Bizz. 

Want to learn my top 10 steps to becoming an Instagram influencer. Continue reading.

1. What is your Instagram niche?

Although it sounds cliché, this is crucial. You need to examine your passions and be open about your strengths.

Sports, cooking, beauty, art, interior decorating? Do you love making funky sushi dishes?

You might be able to create unique hairstyles no one else has seen. Whatever your specialty, it’s yours. Beauty and fitness seemed like a natural fit for me. Being a mother to two children in the entertainment business only expanded my horizons.

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You can create a blog while you are on Instagram. 

Note: watch Instagram stories anonymously by using

2. Instagram analytics (sigh).

Although it may sound tedious, you need an Instagram Business Account to access these analytics. Instagram Insights. You can access all demographic information about your followers. It also allows you to track audience activity and profile views.

You know your niche, so you don’t post random things but strategically. Which posts are most popular with your followers? Which posts are more popular? This will allow you to improve your Instagram status. click here

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While analytics is not for everyone, I find it fascinating. This will give you an edge when you start.

3. Your Instagram bio is the most important thing.

It’s not difficult to imagine what it is like when you apply for new jobs and spend hours slaving over your resume and CV. This is the same precision that you need to write your Instagram bio.

You only have 150 characters, but this short paragraph is your pitch. This is your introduction to your brand. It describes who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to accomplish. Your bio should reflect who you are. Include a link in the bio if you have a blog or website.

4. It’s all about Instagram aesthetics

Did you notice that Instagram users tend to click on photos with attractive or excellent aesthetics? You can convey this vibe in many ways.Take great photos! Start learning if you don’t already know the basics.  click here

Do you have the money to hire a great team? This is what I recommend. Influencers tend to focus on a color scheme that makes their photos cohesive. It becomes their signature palette. Although you don’t need to do this, it makes your posts more easily identifiable. Although my posts may not look the same, I try to maintain a similar style: glamour but down-to-earth; sassy yet authentic.

Do not worry about looking or feeling perfect. You should be focused on professionalism, quality, and a positive vibe.

5. Remember to include your Instagram captions

Your photos will engage your followers, but the captions are what matter. This is a small but essential element. This is not a sonnet. This is haiku. Captions make brands seem real and exciting. Your captions are your voice to your followers. So show some personality. click here


Ask yourself: What’s my brand’s voice like? Your niche is well-known, and you are familiar with your brand’s aesthetic. But how do you speak? Are you chill, feisty, fun, or humorous? Your tone and language are just as important as your images. Choose a voice that resonates with you and stay consistent.

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6. Choose great Instagram hashtags

#InfluencerLifeGoals. Did you know that hashtags can help increase your Instagram followers? Use hashtags to increase engagement and views on your posts.

Imagine that you are reviewing a Sephora skincare product. Is it possible to find your post using the hashtag # skincare No! No! For instance: #SephoraWatermelonMask, #SplurgingAtSephora, #BestUnderEyeCream. This is the main idea.

I recommend using between 5-30 hashtags per post. Anything in the middle is fine. Avoid too many hashtags. Find your magic number. Never be afraid to check out the hashtags that other influencers use. Instagram Insights can show you how your hashtags perform.

7. Create an Instagram posting schedule

I cannot stress this enough: You must post new content regularly and decide your ideal posting frequency. Studies show that top influencers post at least 1.5 times per day. This is not a requirement. I don’t do it and still have success. Engaging with your followers regularly will help you remain relevant. This is mainly due to Instagram’s algorithm. Your weekly frequency will drop, which means you will be ranked lower in the algorithm.

My favorite way to manage my time and schedule is by having a day where I take multiple photos and then plan with my team when those posts will go out. Sked Social is a scheduling tool that you can use. It would help if you were consistent no matter how you schedule posts.


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