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Foundations are the base of any makeup, to get a flawless, blemish-free look you need to a the best foundation and the right way to apply it. Not everyone can ace the makeup but Cossouq is here to give you tips and tricks along with the best of foundation collections, national and international that too at amazing discounts so let’s get started!

Step-By-Step Guide for Applying Foundation Naturally:

Let’s get started with step-by-step instructions these steps will be easy for you to understand.

The first step to applying makeup is preparation

You need to get rid of dirt and grim. So, clean your face with a mild cleanser and then apply a lightweight moisturizer or even aloe vera gel will work. Later you apply primer for a poreless seamless look. It will make your makeup look glow and give you a perfect finish.

The next step is to not overdo anything:

Whenever you overdo the foundation or for that matter any makeup it is always going to be a blunder and in terms of foundation, it will be cakey. So, always add dots of foundation through your face and then use a damp brush or sponge. You should start from the center of your face which means your forehead and then go nose and then end with your chin. Afterward, go blend the jawline and hairline.

Blend it like Beckham!:

The foremost important step is to blend it. The key to a natural look is seamless blending. To ensure that there are no hard lines or streaks, softly buff out the foundation using a damp beauty blender. For a perfect finish, pay special attention to regions around your nose, hairline, and jawline.

Conceal Strategically:

Use concealer lightly to cover redness, dark circles, and imperfections. Use a blush that is paler than your foundation and use a brush or your fingers to lightly dab it on. Take care not to overblend in order to prevent cake.

Set it and Forget It:

Using setting powder to lock in your foundation will guarantee that it remains in place all day. Choose a transparent, loose powder and apply it sparingly all over your face, paying particular attention to the regions that are prone to shine.

Natural Finish Touches:

Apply a crème blush to your cheek apples for a hint of healthy color. For a subtle feature definition, avoid overdoing the contouring and go for a little bronzer. To further accentuate the natural look and make sure your makeup stays in place, finish with a small mist of setting spray.

The Best Foundations in India:

Let’s explore the best tried and tested all types of foundations in this section.

Pierre Cardin Paris Hello Matte Foundation 607 Medium Beige:

The great coverage of this lightweight liquid foundation hides all flaws and elegantly matches your skin tone. Additionally, it controls excess sebum quite well, leaving you with a matte finish that looks porcelain all day.

This foundation blurs dark spots, blemishes, and defects, giving your skin a healthy shine, which is one of the best features. Additionally, it perfectly balances out the tone of your skin and reduces the visibility of pores.

With your oily skin, this foundation was a huge help. It reduces shine and absorbs extra oil, leaving your skin appearing matte and fresh all day. Additionally, the lightweight formula disappears into the skin, guaranteeing pleasant wear all day.

Try the Pierre Cardin Paris Truly Matte Foundation if you’re seeking a foundation that manages excess sebum and provides high coverage with a perfect matte finish. It leaves you looking flawless all day long and is ideal for oily to average skin types!

Earth Rhythm Matte Set Go Foundation With Spf 30, Pa++++ :

This silky, moisturizing cream foundation disappears into the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and moisturized with no cakiness or dryness. It comes in 14 hues and works well for all skin types, giving good coverage without clogging pores also the reason why it is our top liquid foundation.

It has non-comedogenic properties means that it won’t clog your pores or result in breakouts, which is one of its best features. Furthermore, it has SPF 30, which enhances its defence against the sun’s damaging rays.

Your skin will be moisturized, smooth, and plump after using this face fluid. It offers a bright, natural-looking smooth finish that is ideal for daily use.

Buy Sugar Cosmetics Ace Of Face – Matte Foundation Stick Mini – 27 Vienna:

The incredibly creamy, long-wearing formula blends into your skin to provide a stunning matte finish that covers up dark circles, spots, and imperfections. Additionally, because of the special integrated blending brush with soft bristles that guarantee the formula is effectively blended and dispersed, touch-ups are remarkably simple while on the go.

This sticky foundation stick is different because of its special color-adapting formula, which fits your skin tone to provide the most natural-looking finish possible that lasts all day. This foundation stick comes in 22 hues that cater to all Indian skin tones.

This foundation stick can be used to enhance or contour your features, depending on how you want them to look. The Sugar Ace of Face Foundation Stick can help you say hello to perfect skin!

Lyon Beauty USA Super Stay Weightless Foundation 03 Light Moyen:

Lyon Beauty’s super-stay weightless foundation has a sumptuous formula that provides long-lasting wear, keeping your skin fresh and glowing all day.

This foundation, which contains UV filters, protects your flawless complexion from the sun’s detrimental effects. Say goodbye to flaws and hello to radiant skin!

Lyon Beauty’s foundation, with its long-lasting formula and simple application, is a must-have for anybody looking for a flawless finish that lasts all day.

Forever52 Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation BUF011:

Dailylife Forever52’s mineral-rich and water-based formula foundation can help you achieve flawless, blemish-free skin. Their Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation has impressed beauty professionals with its lightweight formula that provides a natural, flawless finish.

Unlike other HD liquid foundations, which can appear overdone and cakey, this one blends seamlessly into your skin, concealing flaws and improving your skin tone. The oil-free product delivers a full-coverage matte finish without feeling heavy.

This liquid foundation is a game changer, thanks to its water-based, oil-free formula, visibly minimized pores, and light-textured formula that allows your skin to breathe. It mixes seamlessly with your natural skin tone, providing a flawless, natural finish that lasts all day.

Coloressence HD Matte Liquid Foundation Full Matte Coverage Long Lasting Concealing Formula HDF-5:

First and foremost, this foundation provides comprehensive coverage, which is ideal for addressing apparent signs of aging and generating flawless looks. But here’s the best part: it still gives your skin a natural shine, so you don’t appear too made up.

This foundation is suitable for all skin types and comes in hues that are ideal for Indian skin tones. The fluid texture blends beautifully, giving your face a satin-like finish that is just breathtaking.

Plus, it’s waterproof and smudge-proof, so it’ll remain put all day. And with SPF 20, it’s like having sun protection integrated into your makeup regimen.

Trust me, after you try the Coloressence High Definition Foundation, you’ll be thanking me!


Q: How can I keep my foundation looking natural throughout the day?

A: Use a cosmetic sponge to carefully dab any spots where the foundation has gone away. To avoid a large accumulation, do not add any extra product.

Q: Can I use foundation to conceal flaws and dark spots for a natural look?

A: For natural coverage, dab and blend a small quantity of foundation onto pimples and dark spots with a fine brush or fingertip.

Q: Should I apply foundation first or after moisturizer?

A: Moisturise your skin before applying foundation to achieve a smooth base.

Q: How do I keep my foundation from seeming cakey?

A: Choose a lightweight, buildable foundation formula. Apply foundation in thin layers and blend thoroughly to avoid a cakey appearance.

Q: Can I blend foundation and moisturizer to achieve a natural look?

A: Yes, combining foundation and moisturizer can result in more sheer coverage for a natural look. Adjust the ratio to achieve the required coverage.

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