sodium chloride
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The term “salt” comes from the Latin word “sal,” meaning salt. It was formerly a valuable commodity and was a medium of exchange. The word “salary” in English has its roots in the term “salt”. Salt helps add flavour and preserve food. The production of pottery, soap, chlorine, dyes, and bleaches employs it. Nowadays, the chemical industry also uses salt. People call it kosher salt, rock salt, sea salt, or free-flowing table salt at the table or in the kitchen. Most of the salt export from India happens from Gujarat. We are the leading producer of salt in Kutch. Get your salt supplies from us now! 

Excessive sodium or salt content is present in frozen chicken and fast food. Compared to other veggies, canned vegetables have a much higher sodium content and are salted. Dietitians advise people to avoid adding salt to their meals since, if it is processed or packaged, and it contains enough salt. Babies under one year should not take salt since their kidneys are immature. It is crucial to review the nutritional information on processed foods to determine which ones contain more and less salt or sodium and learn the difference between them.

What The Lack of Salt Can Do to Your Body

Low sodium levels may ensue through fluid retention if the body has too much fluid. Here, diuretics help lessen fluid retention. Lack of sodium content in the body causes:

  • Heart failure, 
  • Addison disease, 
  • A blockage in the small intestine, 
  • Nausea, 
  • Vomiting. 

Falling blood sodium levels have an impact on how the brain functions. The person may feel lethargic. Muscle cramps, seizures, a loss of consciousness, a coma, and eventual death happen due to lack of salt. This could occur quickly if salt levels drop quickly. The symptoms in older people are worse. According to one study, rats who were deficient in sodium avoided their favourite activities. Our company is among the industrial salt manufacturers in india  that make safe salt for your table. Buy your salt from us to maintain sodium balance in your body. 

What Makes The Ocean Water Salty?  

Seafloor fissures and terrestrial rocks are the primary sources of ocean salt. The two ocean salt sources are runoff from the land and the seafloor. Rocks are the primary source of salts that dissolve in seawater. Rocks erode by rain that falls because it has acidity. The oceans were probably not excessively salty in the beginning. Yet rain dropping to Earth and flowing over the land, which broke apart rocks and transferred their minerals to the ocean, caused the water to become saltier over time. Because rain replaces the freshwater in rivers and streams, they do not taste salty.

Rivers carry over four billion tonnes of dissolved salts to the ocean. Since nearly the same quantity of salt from ocean water deposits as sediment on the ocean floor, gains each year may equal losses each year. In other words, today’s salt input and output are equal (so the ocean is not getting saltier). The salt manufacturers in Kutch make pure salt out of seawater using safe means. Try our company’s salt to make your food healthier. 

sodium chloride
Image Sources : Guravesalt, India


In nature, sodium and salt are present as crystalline solids in rock salt or freely diluted in seawater. Most of the salt we eat today comes from the convenience and processed foods, even if some naturally occurring, unprocessed foods have salt or sodium. Dairy products, certain vegetables, eggs, meats, and shellfish are natural sources of salt. Everyone needs salt for proper fluid balance and muscle and nerve function. The body regulates its sodium levels. We are thirsty and drink more when levels are too high, which prompts the kidneys to speed up the elimination process. Kidney stones, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases happen due to excessive sodium intake. Hyponatremia, which causes dizziness, confusion, and other symptoms, can result from a low salt intake. We are among the biggest salt manufacturers in Gujarat. Buy your salt from us to keep your family and yourself healthy. 

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