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At first, it might seem scary to buy glasses online, but there are a lot of good reasons to give it a try. First, buying glasses online is much cheaper than buying them in a store. Second, your spectacles will be the same or better quality. Third, you can try them on virtually these days, and you will be amazed at how similar the virtual fitting room is to a real one. So, how should you exactly order glasses online? This guide will show you how to do everything!

Find your favourite frame first

Take a look at frames for prescription eyeglasses online. You’ll find a huge variety of unique models and brands. You can easily filter formats, styles, colours, tags, and a lot more. Once you’ve found the right frame, you can use the virtual testing tool. This will give the frame access to your webcam and show you how it will look on your face.

Putting in your prescription information

If you want to order glasses online, you will need a prescription that is no more than six months old. You will need to ask your optometrist or ophthalmologist for this document. This recipe must have all of the values and parameters for the lenses. From here, you can enter the power (diopter or graduation) of the right and left eye. When ordering, be careful not to mix up the plus (+) and minus (-) signs. Positive (+) diopters usually mean farsightedness, which means you can see far away but not as well up close. Negative (-) diopters mean you have myopia, which means you can see things up close well but have trouble seeing things far away. If there is no sign, it could be a positive diopter. An equal sign (=) indicates a negative diopter. Your prescription may also have numbers for axis and cylinder. These numbers show that you have astigmatism and can be put in the right fields. If these extra values aren’t on your prescription, just put “0” in these fields when you place your order.

Traditional opticians or online opticians, which are better?

A broken frame, a popped lens, or a new prescription for corrective lenses is all possibilities when you visit the eye doctor. I’m at a loss. While an optician is the target, it’s faster and safer to go with an optician. Online or in a real store?

What’s best for you relies on your personal preferences and expectations for the purchase. There are advantages and downsides to each modality, and we’ll discuss them in this article.

But, really, is there a better place to buy glasses?

If you care about safety, price, and being able to get the product at home, online stores are the best choice. EyePractice, for example, hires qualified professionals to make sure that its lenses are of the highest quality. It also has a line of innovative, stylish frames. You also get hearing aids online from the same EyePractice store.

To get started, make an appointment with a good eye doctor who will write you a prescription. For your health and comfort with glasses, it’s important that the correct degree is shown.

By Shan Ali


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