Secondary school is an important period in a student’s educational journey. It is the threshold of a crucial phase in their academic life when they are expected to gear up for their future education. And, it is at this important juncture that they need help and guidance in preparing themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally for the tough road ahead. Know about the Full Form Of IXPRL.

University education is the final phase before the students embark on their professional life, the preparation for which begins during their higher secondary years.

It is during these two years of secondary school that students have the time to choose the subjects of their interest which they would study further, at university. And, it is in this period that they get the necessary help from the best Secondary school in Abu Dhabi by way of support and guidance through career counseling and career fairs.

Here’s how the Abu Dhabi International school provides essential help to their secondary school students for the most crucial period of their academic life.


The Abu Dhabi International school follows a curriculum that gives the students not only a strong foundation but also the freedom to choose the subjects that suit their abilities and interests. Paired with extracurricular activities, the CBSE curriculum helps students discover their inner talents, enjoy their academic activities, and improve their overall performance.

The curriculum encourages independent thinking and implementation of the knowledge gained through studies. It has a practical approach towards concepts and helps in building their analytical and cognitive skills. This curriculum also enhances their problem-solving capabilities and helps in personality development, all of which works towards creating confident students ready for the rigors of the tough university life ahead.

All-around Development: 

Students of the Secondary school in Abu Dhabi have an excellent educational experience thanks to the curriculum and the extracurricular activities created for their holistic development.

The extracurricular and co-curricular activities give ample opportunities to the students to hone their cognitive, physical, mental, and emotional skills, which help in their academic performance. They gain confidence, acquire leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and understand the importance of teamwork, all of which helps in their all-round development. This goes a long way in preparing secondary school students for their life at university.

The mental strength they acquire through extracurricular activities stands them in good stead during the strenuous university phase. It also provides them with much-needed self-assurance and the positivity required in their future life.

University Connect: 

Getting admission to a university isn’t an easy process. And, therefore, the Abu Dhabi International school conducts events in association with many prestigious universities for their secondary school students and their parents. These events help them discover the varied opportunities available and identify a program that best suits their needs.

The school also arranges individual counseling sessions for the students where they are provided with information about universities and how the students can go ahead and make the right choice.

These events also consist of visits to the universities of their choice, which help the students and their parents understand the environment of the institutions and consider their choices before making the decision.

The school provides the students with experts who guide them in the application process, too. They are provided with valuable help in creating an impressive portfolio, and in writing excellent essays or personal statements that are required for university admissions. They are also guided in preparing recommendation letters that will qualify the students for the best universities.

Career Counseling: 

Career counseling is a necessity for higher secondary school students. It gives them a clear perspective of where they stand and which field will be the best choice for them. A career counselor provides personal counseling for each student and their parents.

The counselor considers their academic performance before suggesting universities and the subjects that would appeal to them. After finalizing the universities, the counselor helps them with the admission process, too.


The higher secondary phase is a period of intense activity for school students. Not only their everyday classes and activities but also planning for their future takes up all of their time and energy. It is at this crucial juncture that the Abu Dhabi International school steps in to assist the students and their parents in making important decisions.

Choosing an appropriate university, deciding on the subjects, preparing for the university entrance examinations, interviews, etc, all require thorough planning and preparation. So, being a part of a school that assists in this preparation is a welcome relief for students and parents, alike. With the help of counselors, the admission process and the requisite documents are also taken care of. This valuable support helps students make important decisions that go a long way in having a brilliant career and an excellent professional life ahead.

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By Anita Gale


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