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If your flat roof is leaking, you’ll need to inspect it carefully to find the source of the problem and fix it. Or you may have to look for Roofing Installation Services to install a new roof if the issue cannot be repaired. Flat roofs are common all over the country. They are often in residential garages or big commercial or industrial buildings. There are many reasons to choose a flat roof, especially if you want to save time and money during construction and upkeep. But the dreaded roof leak often goes wrong with flat roofs. Flat roofs can leak for many reasons, some of which may not be clear initially. In this blog post, we will discuss some common causes of flat roof leaks.

Professional Roofing Installation Services and Causes of Flat Roof Leaks

Many things can cause a roof to leak. You can change some things like picking the right material or putting your roof on the right way. But over time, exposure to the elements, like bad weather or high temperatures, will stress even the best roof and cause it to break down. Here are some of the most common reasons why flat roofs leak.


No matter how well they were made or how well they were put together, all roofing materials will wear down over time. All these things will eventually wear down your flat roof until there is damage to it or it leaks. Therefore, you need to look for Professional Roofing installation services in North Hollywood CA to hire roofing contractors to install a new roof.

In the last few decades, manufacturers have made much progress in making stronger flat roofing products that last longer. Today’s flat roofing products are much better than before, meaning the flat roof will last longer.

Damaged Flashing

Flashings are a very important part of any flat roof. Their job is simple: to cover and seal any angles, seams, or joints that would let water in otherwise. This could be along a wall next to it, around roof vents, or elsewhere. But, despite its long life, lead flashing can fail, especially when exposed to big temperature changes. Over time, as the metal heats up and cools down, it will expand and contract, revealing the edge it was meant to cover. As a result of it, the flat roof can leak.

Thermal Movement

In the second half of the 20th century, flat roofs with rubber roofing membranes were held together with oxidized bitumen. This had a lot of benefits, but oxidized bitumen is stiff and doesn’t move much. So, when the temperature changes, it can’t expand or contract as it should. This causes cracks, blisters, and splits in the membrane above, eventually leading to leaks.

Poor Installation

Even if the materials for a flat roof are of high quality, they won’t work right if they aren’t installed well. Flat roofs are very likely to leak because they have almost no slope and many weak spots. Because of this, any flat roof must be put on according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Look for Professional Roofing Installation Services In North Hollywood CA and hire the best experts. They have years of experience in this work and they know how to install a roof properly. This will also save you money on future repairs and give you peace of mind that your flat roof is safe and sound.

Seams and Overlaps

The seams or overlaps between different pieces of flat roofing material are one of the most common places where flat roofs fail and leak. This often happens when the overlap isn’t properly sealed, so water can easily get between the two layers. Water can get in through seams and other joints like overlaps, so you should check them carefully at least twice a year to make sure there aren’t any problems coming up. And it is best if the professionals do the inspection.


Flat roofs often have problems with blistering. If you see raised blisters on the surface of your flat roof, it’s a sign that water has gotten underneath your flat roofing material. As the water seeps down, the higher temperatures below turn it into water vapor. This water vapor rises, but since it has nowhere to go, the pressure makes blisters. Water ingress is usually the cause of blisters. And it happens when rainwater or other moisture gets into the roof through a weak spot. Moreover, another reason for blisters can be condensation, damp wood, or insulation. Blisters are weak spots in a flat roof; when they burst, they can cause big leaks.


Delamination occurs when the different layers of flat roofing membranes separate, becoming “delaminated” from one another. This can lead to all sorts of problems, including cracks, and splits.  And even blistering as water seeps into and between the two layers of material. Usually, the reason for delamination is poor installation. It is when the layers are not heated enough to seal properly. Or when water gets in between the layers and builds up inside.

Detailing Around Vents

Some of the most common places for a flat roof to leak are around roof vents, gas lines, pipes, and other parts where there isn’t enough detail or damage. Like seams and joins, these present yet another weak spot for water to attack your flat roof should they not be correctly sealed. Again, this shows how important it is to find Roofing Installation Services, and hire a professional roofer to install your flat roof.

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