Perfection in styling women’s maxi dresses is all about wearing them in a proper length that suits your body. Unlike the several dresses, maxi dresses need to be in an appropriate length to offer a wearer a lovely head-turning appearance. 

Emphasising the suitable length, What’s the perfect length of a maxi dress, and How long is it supposed to be? 

Following the blog, we have broken down some insightful information about the most suitable length for a maxi dress from the viewpoints of fashion editors and experts. 

Not a Western Culture Anymore, Maxi Dresses Are Loved By All Women Worldwide!

Earlier, women from the USA and European countries used to wear maxi dresses at parties, celebrations and festivals; that’s why wearing one was considered a western culture.   

Later on, in the early 2000s, donning maxi dress designs became common and popular among women worldwide and this culture was widely followed in Asian countries. 

The Maxi dress concept spread like a wildfire in 2022, becoming highly trendy and stylish all over the world. 

Getting into the common query about the maxi dress’s length, girls who love wearing it are puzzled about its length. So, here we’ve mentioned all the details one needs to know about the ideal length of a maxi dress. 

How Long A Maxi Dress Is Supposed To Be If Bought Readymade One?

Usually, a standard long maxi dress is tailored in the length between 52-54 inches, regardless of the size, you select. 

  • When you wear a maxi dress, the ideal-looking length should sit between the ankle and the top of your toes. If your maxi dress lacks that length, it would not be a perfect-looking one. 
  • If you have a petite and short frame, the readymade maxi dress typically hits the floor. For taller and slimmer girls, it just hits somewhere between the ankle and knee. Both are not attractive and flattering choices for a perfect-looking maxi dress style; avoid choosing those. 

Maxi Dress’ Length Is Not About One Size Fits All!

Every woman has a different height and dress size, so one maxi dress cannot be the perfect one for all. We all need an ideal length of a maxi dress, so it would look flattering, and not one that makes you drab from the fab. Plus, all readymade maxi dresses come in a standard length between 52 to 54 inches, so what can one do when she does not fit in that standard size? 

How can a short, petite or tall girl wear her favourite maxi dress in a perfect length that suits her style? 

Alter Your Maxi Dress By The Services Of a Tailor!

Without any doubt, altering your maxi dress is all you need to do to transform it into a perfect length when you get a readymade maxi dress offline or online. 

Alteration is a great choice for all the petite girls who feel that a maxi dress is longer than usual. Of course, this is the best option for girls who are 5’2” or under 5.

Taller Girls Should Opt For Longer Dresses! 

But, taller girls! Alteration isn’t for you! 

There is no definite purpose for adding more clothes to the dress and making it taller. 

Possibly, at some high-end maxi dress stores and websites, you can choose the ones that are longer than standard dresses. Like 56 or 58 inches in length. You can also easily get those extra-long maxi dresses at different stores or order customised ones. So, find the perfect length and go for it!

How Can A Maxi Dress Be Altered To Make It A Perfect Size? 

For short girls, you can easily make your maxi dress into a perfect size if the tailor services aren’t available. 

You can either contact seamstresses or watch a youtube tutorial for all the hemming work and do it at home. It is a useful life skill that everyone should master to avoid all the hassle.

Here is how you can do it by yourself at home!

Points To Follow When Doing The Alteration Process At Home!

First and most important, you must be skilled at tailoring garments, and it would be a win-win game if you have prior experience in the alteration or tailoring procedures. Plus, hemming a maxi dress requires specific skills, it is not the same as hemming a normal dress. If you are confused and less confident doing this task, don’t wait and leave to get it done by tailors.

But if you feel comfortable and confident handling this task, go ahead!

  • Start by measuring your height from the top of your head to the bottom of your ankle. Put on sandals or shoes you’re planning to wear with the maxi dress while measuring your height. You can measure the ideal required length this way. 
  • You can either minimise the length of your maxi dress by removing the stitches at the stomach joint or remove the additional length at the bottom. Ensure to focus on the maxi dress’ style when removing the stitches, so you can’t go wrong in any aspect. 
  • Reduce undesirable heights. Now, wear it and check if it’s an ideal maxi dress length and looks perfect. 

If you have no prior experience in cutting, tailoring and hemming techniques, your only alternative is a tailor’s assistance and getting all work done with his expertise and skills. Plus, this is the most suitable and safest option you can ever have. 

Points To Follow When Altering Your Maxi Dress By A Tailor!

Before giving your maxi dress for alteration, make sure that the tailor is well-experienced in the alteration of a maxi dress. Maxi dresses are available in plenty of styles and designs, so one should know very well what’s a well-suited alteration.  

  • Ask him to take accurate measurements of your height to the ankle.
  • Request him to return the extra cloth of maxi after alteration.

You must be wondering what you’ll do with that altered piece. It would be really helpful; you can use it for the best matching combos like belts, headbands or bangles to complement your maxi dress. 

After the alteration process gets done, try right away to check whether the altered length fits perfectly or not.

So, concluding all, a long maxi dress’s length would be between 52 to 54 inches. When you try it and feel the length looks perfect, go for it without wasting a second. Or else, take your maxi dress, either alter it by utilising your skills or get the alteration process done by a professional tailor.    

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