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Planning and executing ERP software in Pakistan is no easy task and it can come at the expense of a lot. Businesses often bring ERP into their organization to get their businesses streamlined and made more efficient. However, the implementation process can take a long time. Roughly 4-6 months and that the implementation is a tough project on its own. If you do not manage the implementation the right way, chances are the entire business can also go downhill. So here’s everything you need to know about the implementation process.‍

Not only do you need to keep a note of the time when you implement ERP system software in Pakistan but you also need to control many other factors.

Are You Too Busy?

Most people realize they need an ERP accounting software when it has gotten too late. On the contrary, people also often realize they do not need it when they are implementing it. Lack of planning can affect the first phase which is planning and strategizing. Most places recognize the need of an ERP system when the business starts falling apart after expanding and there are huge information lags. You don’t want to be one of those people.

ERP’s Benefit

ERP is the software that helps people in a lot of ways. You can have better inventory tracking, you can also be aware of the costing of all the different processes, you can have better communication between different departments and automate many tasks that are wasting time and reducing efficiency. 

However, all of this does not come immediately. You first need to implement the software which can be a disruptive time for the organization because all things are being changed and moved around.

Your Team Helps You

However, there is another way to view this. If your business is scaling and expanding it means your team is already doing everything they can in order to manage. They are staying ahead of deadlines, pulling the ropes tightly and ensuring that the business runs smoothly. Hence, when ERP comes in and is disruptive by the changes it causes you can understand that it will also be handled efficiently by your team. You do not have to worry about your implementation being in the wrong hands.

But here’s the thing, do not get lazy because there is no perfect time to begin this process. It can take months or years depending on your attitude so do not discount the role you have to play in this. You can bear the instability and manage to come out of it strong.

Always keep in mind, investing the right resources to implement the software now will ensure you do not face more losses or obstacles in the time of the coming few months. You need to have faith in the process and train your team to manage this phase like a pro.

Implementing The ERP System

Pick a Project Manager

If you want to spend less time on the implementation process, you need to have your hands on the right project manager. Pick one person on your team who has shown exemplary leadership skills and has the company’s back at all times. Trust them with this.

The ERP software in Pakistan can be implemented in the right time using this strategy. This person on your team should be equipped with the right skills which are not necessarily technical. They should also be soft! They act as the bridge between your team that is going to be coping with the changes and the senior management who will be overlooking the process.

Picking the right member will also help you during the ERP consulting services phase. This is when you get help about what you may be required in the process. They resolve conflicts, they convey the vision and they may help your vendor understand your business’ needs better than anyone else.

Make The Project A Phased One

When you are getting the erp system software in Pakistan, you need to develop a brisk timeline. Instead of doing everything simultaneously, pick the functions you need immediately and then the overall requirements of the software. 

The right implementation process will be one which has phases. It ensures that ERP starts working in some departments before and the others over time. This lets you manage the process in bits and pieces making it easier and more manageable.

Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals is also key here. If you suffer in the project management area or the inventory area, having the major issues fixed before can help. You also need to understand that many delays are unprecedented. You can not control everything! Having unrealistic goals such as implementing erp in just 3 months will ruin the whole process and make it stall to the extent that it might not get implemented.

This also helps in other ways. For example, once you master how to make the system work in the early phase, you will get a good idea of how the entire system works making it helpful in the long run.

Make The Smart Choice

Make the smart choice when it comes to your vendors! It is the truth that some companies will have better software, better incentives and better prices. You need to do your survey and find the right fit. Before that you need to be sure about what it is that you really need which helps when you start seeking erp consulting services officially. 

The right vendor will not leave your side and ensure that the process is swift and easy when you implement your erp software in Pakistan for your company. They will continue on helping even after and will ensure that you are never on your own. Ensuring professionalism will help in the long term, do not discount its importance. 

This is the first phase and it is the most important one when it comes to the erp account software. If you do not do your survey and plan the right way, you might be misguided even in the implementation process which overall ruins the chances of you incorporating erp into your organization.

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