How long does a root canal take?

Root canals are pulp chambers of teeth containing the dental pulp, nerves, and blood vessels. Each tooth has one, two, or three root canals depending on the shape, function, and location of the teeth. Due to various factors, teeth often undergo damage or decay. Sometimes the damage is limited to the enamel but in many cases, it infects the root canals. At the point when a root canal becomes tainted or kindled, it needs a root canal treatment to treat it. Signature smiles have been the experts on the best root canal treatment in India.

On the off chance that it is left untreated, the contamination spreads to different teeth and different parts of your mouth. Your tooth might become dark or yellow, and you’re more in danger of encountering elevated side effects, similar to torment, swelling, and infections. The option in contrast to a dental root canal treatment is tooth extraction. However, that can cause more torment, more costs not too far off, and you’ll lose the medical advantages of your normal tooth. Saving natural dentition is far way more important than adding artificial counterparts.


Regularly, a root canal treatment requires three to four visits. Each visit can fluctuate between 30 to an hour and a half all variables accounted for.

Here is a fast overview of the normal time it takes for every tooth:

Molars: an hour and a half or more. Molars are situated toward the rear of your mouth and have up to four roots.

Premolars: an hour. Premolars are in the middle between your molars and front teeth and have a couple of roots.

Canines and incisors: 45minutes to an hour. These teeth have just a single root.

On the off chance that your tooth needs a dental crown, that will call for greater investment, which might require as long as an hour. Frequently, this step will require another appointment, permitting time to ensure your tooth has mended before the crown is forever positioned.

As per the Indian Association of Endodontists, over 41,000 root canal treatments are performed in India daily consistently. That implies that more than 15 crore root canal treatments are finished every year.


Root canals are viewed as protected and powerful. Root canal treatment under Signature Smiles brags amazing achievement rates up to 98%.

Dentists will initially utilize local sedation to guarantee that the working area of the patient’s mouth is numb. They will then, at that point, eliminate all indications of rot/decay in the tooth. They will then enter the tooth’s root canal and eliminate the nerve before cleaning and irrigating the site. Yet again the tooth will then be loaded up with a substance known as gutta percha to keep the tooth from becoming contaminated. The tooth is then fixed up with a huge defensive brief filling. It’s then that the patient is approached to return for their next arrangement.


During the subsequent appointment, the transitory filling is taken out. The tooth is then loaded up with a super durable filling. After the tooth is filled, the dentist will have an x-beam taken for present employable documentation and to guarantee that the root canal treatment has been effectively finished.


A subsequent appointment may some of the time likewise be required for the accompanying reasons:

  • An obstacle inside the root canal that keeps the dental specialist from arriving at the finish of the waterway
  • Calcified trenches
  • Assuming that the tooth is tainted, time might be required to permit contamination to clear totally. The dentist will put medication that advances the mending and getting free from the disease and will continue treatment when the contamination has gone.

In exceptional cases, there might be an additional channel that requires the dentist to commit additional opportunities for the treatment.


The cost of a root canal treatment in India relies upon the area and soundness of the affected tooth, as well as whether a crown is required. On the off chance that the disease in your tooth isn’t dealt with, it could spread to neighboring teeth, and gums, or even travel to different parts of your body, which will additionally turn out to be more costly in the future. In India, a root canal treatment can cost around ₹ 2000 to ₹3500. The extra cost of the crown could associate with ₹ 3000 to ₹. 4000


When the root canal treatment is finished, the treated tooth will recuperate within a couple of days. Patients could encounter some aggravation once they stir from sedation; this is probably going to end in a couple of days because of the drugs prescribed by the dentist.



Try not to chew forcefully down on the tooth. Since there is no crown, the tooth is unprotected accordingly; putting tension can harm the tooth.

Keep away from hard and crunchy food; rather bite delicate food until definite rebuilding

Be cautious while brushing. Try not to be excessively brutal while brushing

Get a dental crown as quickly as time permits as this will safeguard your tooth from additional harm

Visit your beloved dentist at Signature Smiles assuming that you face any intricacies or extreme torment.



By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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