How Important Is Personal Statement For Medical School?

One of the most critical aspects a student has to do while applying to universities is writing a personal statement. A personal statement plays a central role in receiving an interview call from an education panel. Only 16% of the thousands of applicants who submit applications to a medical school receive an interview call. Therefore, the personal statement is quite vital for medical school admission.

How is a medical school personal statement used?

There are five basic ways medical schools opt to use your personal statement.

  1. To assist in deciding between two candidates who are capable and motivated to become a doctor.
  2. Selecting applicants for an interview call.
  3. Evaluating student capabilities using personal statement.
  4. Extracting questions from the personal statement to ask during the interview.

What is medical school personal statement should aim to do?

Your personal statement makes the individual of the admissions committee learn more about you. You need to explain to medical schools why you want to study medicine and become a doctor. And it is the primary objective of your personal statement. You will truly stand out from the candidate pool if your medical school personal statement is effective.

Ideas for making your personal statement attractive

Your personal statement should be attractive and attention seeker. Here are some ideas to create an influential medical school personal statement.

1. Maintain your focus

Instead of recounting every detail of your life, your personal statement should highlight the informative parts of your journey. Pick a subject, stay with it, and provide specific instances to support it.

2. Select a perspective that is special to you

What unique qualities do you have that others do not? Everybody experiences difficulties, accomplishments, and failures. How you responded to such experiences is significant and distinctive. If you add your unique voice and perspective to it, your personal statement will be more remembered.

3. Be interesting while writing your personal statement

Before introducing your personal narrative, start with a Catchy Quote that will arouse interest. Make the admissions panel focus and able to continue reading your personal statement.

4. Stick on topic

Rambling wastes your precious character limit and contributes to confusion. Do not mention irrelevant information in a medical school personal statement. Try to stay on a topic that may look better.

5. Check the details twice

Verify your writing for problems in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Give this task the quality time that it actually needs.

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