Ahmedabad is famous for many things- its cotton textiles, delectable snacks, and the numero uno management institute in the country, the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Talking about the last part brings to mind the subject of the state of education in the city. The fact of the matter is that in keeping with the aspirational nature of the city’s denizens, a large number of really good schools have come up in Ahmedabad.

As to which ones are the top schools in Ahmedabad or can be rated as the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, depends upon what one is looking for. Let us look at what criteria parents might be using to make that choice.

1. Past Academic Performance

Parents know that a lot depends upon the kind of academic performance that their children manage during their time in school. So, they would naturally like to look at the past academic performance of the students of the school, before zeroing in on the one they would like to admit their children into.

2. Pedigree of the School

Schools of a certain pedigree not only are an important deciding factor in the choice of a school on account of the social advantage they provide to their students, but also the fact that their reputation is based on something positive. The leading public schools of the nation, for example, are the most sought after, on account of what they can provide to their students. This is as much a factor in Ahmedabad as it is anywhere else.

3 . Campus

Gone are the days when a decent enough campus was all that parents expected from a school they would send their children to for many years of their lives. These days, the parents expect schools to have sprawling campuses with top-rate infrastructure including cutting-edge classrooms, sports facilities, auditoriums, computer labs, libraries  and so on. They want their children to receive their education in an atmosphere that is fully conducive to holistic growth and development.

4. International School or Not

Like in other cities of India, there is a trend towards opening international schools with world-class facilities and a global ambiance. Parents are aware of the fact that job opportunities these days could arise in any part of the globe. The ability to compete globally on equal terms can only be developed in children who have been to a school that is as well equipped as any school in any first-world nation. That is the reason why an international school is the first choice for many parents when it comes to obtaining admission for their children to top schools in Ahmedabad.

5. Syllabus

The syllabus or board that a school offers to its students plays an important role in shaping their future. The top schools in Ahmedabad are likely to offer CBSE or IGCSE syllabuses as these are the best ones available in India and ensure that students farewell after they pass out from school. They may also want to consider if they offer international programs like International Baccalaureate 


Some of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad offer all the above attributes and it is important to find the one that suits your preferences.

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