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There are a number of important factors to consider when deciding which VPN is right for you.

Encryption Tools and Protocols

In order to guarantee your privacy ,a VPN Deals for Holidays needs to use strong encryption tools ,and protocols .In general, you should for companies that use AES-256 ,military -grade encryption ,.In general, you should look for the gold standard among VPN protocols and offer the best protection.

Privacy Policy

.At the encryption in the world won’t keep your data safe if a VPN willingly hands that information over to government agencies .You should always read a company privacy policy before you sing up with their service .At a minimum ,they should spell out that they will not turn over your information to anyone .Even better though are companies who log as little information as possible and who definitely don’t log address ,browsing histories ,and time stamps.


Where a VPN is located can have a lot to do with whether it can enforce,its privacy policy.Companies Headquartered in countries that belong to Five Eyes,Nine Eyes ,or 14 Eyes are subject to government surveillance and must turn over documents when U.S law enforcement subpoenas them.

Kill Switches 

Your VPN should be able to shut down your browsers and apps immediately if you lose your connection.

Multi-Hop Technology

Many of the best VPNs route your internet traffic through at least two separate servers ,encrypting it multiple times for greater security .

Split Tunneling

Another useful feature some VPNs offer is split tunneling ,which allows you to connect to the regular internet and a VPN at the same time.

Torrenting Support

Some VPNs also provide you with easy connections to correnting apps and software (for more,see our page on using VPN to torrent).Support for streaming services.If streaming is important to you, you should check which VPNs allow you to access content libraries in other countries.


While every VPN slows your devices down to some extent ,look .For software that slows down as little as possible .One way of checking speeds is to compare ping,upload and download speeds on a device running a VPN to the same device when it is not running the VPN.


To install a VPN on an Android 

  • Open the setting app on your phone.
  • Navigate to network and internet.
  • Navigate too Advanced.
  • Tap the plus signs in the top right corner .
  • Enter the required information (available from your VPN).
  • Choose Save,
  • To connect ,return to the setting app
  • Choose advanced.
  • Choose VPN .
  • Select the VPN you want.
  • Enter the username and password (available from your VPN).
  • Choose to connect.


To install a VPN on a router.

  • Log in to your router by entering your IP address into your browsers search bar.
  • Some routers will already be configured for VPN. If not,use your router guide to reconfigure the settings to direct traffic to a VPN server.
  • If  your router is configured ,enter the necessary log in information (available from your VPN)
  • Your router should now direct traffic through your chosen VPN.
  • To get out of the VPN ,log in to the router once again and change the configuration again for normal operation.


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