How do I fix my Orbi Pro internet connection

Netgear Orbi Pro routers are known for providing the speed and flexibility that users have always wanted, they are quite similar to Spectrum cable routers. But sometimes, Orbi professional routers do not have perfectionism. In simple terms we are referring to the Netgear Orbi routers are troublesome users for quite a long time recently. It is because of one particular problem: Netgear Orbi pro losing connection.

If you’ve set up the Orbi pro device using this Orbilogin page If you have, there is a good chance that you’re experiencing the same problem. But, before you begin to worry, let us assure you that we’re here to assist you. In this post, we will provide several sure-fire methods of solving the problem that will be a five-finger task for you. So go down the page and start reading.

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Fixed: Orbi Pro Dropping Connection Issue

  1. Get Rid of Faulty Ethernet Cable

A damaged Ethernet cable is among the main reasons that could cause you to lose connection with your Netgear Orbi pro router to lose connection. In order to fix the problem, we suggest that you change your Ethernet cable to an entirely new cable.

While doing this may resolve the issue but in the event that you’re stuck in the same situation problem, then connect your devices to the wireless network.

  1. Check the Power Socket

An insufficient power supply or power failure can result in an issue with the Netgear Orbi pro-drop in connection. So, take an examination of the wall socket that you have connected to the Orbi professional router.

If you notice that your router is damaged anywhere you can follow our suggestion and plug your Orbi professional router into an alternative wall socket. Check that it is functioning.

  1. Call Your Internet Service Provider

It is possible that you’re suffering from this Netgear Orbi pro dropping connection problem is not due to something which you have done, therefore check internet using Spectrum speed test tool to know speed and ping etc. If speed is slow then can call the Internet service provider. If he confirms that the issue lies at your side, instead of scolding the person, give him a bit of time to fix it.

  1. Reboot Your Orbi Pro Router

You could try restarting your Netgear Orbi pro router to fix the Orbi pro’s issue with dropping connections. In simpler terms, you must switch off and on your Orbi off and then on. Are you able to do this? Yes? Good.

When you’ve completed the rebooting of your device wirelessly, verify whether the issue has been resolved. If not, it’s recommended to go to the next step.

  1. Update the Netgear Orbi Firmware

If you’re experiencing Netgear Orbi pro dropping connection isn’t leaving you all by itself, then you’ll have to do an Orbi firmware update.

This process can be executed with two different methods. These are:

  • By using the manual method
  • Using the Nighthawk app

If you require help changing the firmware of the Netgear Orbi router It is recommended that you read the instructions in the user’s manual.

  1. Perform a Hard Reset

If your efforts have not been successful until now, then it is suggested to attempt the final method, i.e. doing a factory reset.

Follow these steps you can restore the device back to the factory settings that it had before:

  • Find an option to reset factory settings on the Orbi professional router.
  • Once you have found the button, press it.
  • You must wait for a certain time.

Now, you must modify the settings on your Netgear Orbi pro router considering that it has returned to its factory settings.

Sum Up

Let’s hope these troubleshooting tips have helped you fix this Netgear Orbi pro connecting problem.

Which hack actually solved the issue? Please share with us by leaving an email in the comment section below.

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