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In India, bike loans are available through EMI (equated monthly installments). You selected a bike model, but your budget does not allow you to pay for it all at once. 

An easy way to finance a bike would be to take out a loan. Taking out a personal loan or using a credit card will allow you to get a Honda Shine bike price EMI for your bike purchase.  

To cover the cost of the bike, you might be able to get a salary advance from your employer. Always compare interest rates and terms on the Honda Shine bike price before signing any agreements, no matter what you choose. It depends on the lender; however, what the loan terms and conditions are. Ensure that you compare different loan offers before making a decision. The loan, along with interest, will have to be repaid over a period of time.

A bike loan can be obtained in India up to a maximum amount of Rs. 10,000 if you have a salary of that amount. Due to your monthly income and repayment capacity, you will be assessed for a loan amount. In general, bike loans have higher interest rates than other types of loans, so you should be able to afford them. 

You can use an EMI calculator if you need to calculate the amount of . Enter your loan amount, the interest rate, and the term to calculate your EMI each month. Personal loans are also available for bike purchases, but the EMI and two-wheeler interest rates will be higher. Therefore, a loan for a bike is a better option. 

The majority of individuals purchase a two-wheeler on EMI with the help of a loan. When taking out a two-wheeler loan, hypothecation is required regardless of how much down payment is made. Lenders offer secured loans for the purchase of two-wheelers. The two-wheeler the borrower’s purchase remains the lender’s property until they repay the loan in full, even though they do not pledge an asset against it. 

To recover their money, the lender can seize and sell the two-wheeler if they fail to repay the loan. Hypothecation is a necessity that EMI two-wheeler loan applicants must deal with regardless of whether they make a 50% or 90% down payment. 

  • Experience and reputation of the lender: 

While taking out a two-wheeler loan, ensure that the lender has a good reputation and experience. Get a better idea of these bikes by reading their reviews.

  • Interest rates: 

Check out the interest rates different lenders offer and try to find one lower than the others.

  • Repayment options: 

Ensure that the loan terms of the lender are flexible. EMI calculators can help you determine a loan term and affordable EMIs for your budget.

  • Application procedure: 

Get a quick loan with minimal effort by making the application process easy.

  • Down payment: 

Check the amount to be paid as a down payment. It is even possible now for lenders to offer two-wheeler loans with no down payment to qualified applicants. Go with the company that provides the best deal out of all options.

A two-wheeler loan from an established lender is the best option for financing a two-wheeler. The interest rate on two-wheeler loans is among the lowest in the market, and eligibility criteria are minimal for bike buyers.

Purchasing a bike involves paying upfront from your pocket. As a result, the loan amount and interest rate will be lower when the down payment is higher. Consider a bigger down payment if you want a lower interest rate.

Loans for two-wheelers come with the following features:

  • Quicker processing

Upon applying for a bike loan, you can have it within a few days. It is possible to complete the application process online and scan and upload the relevant documents.

  • Attractive interest rates

With interest rates as low as 8%, you can afford to buy the vehicle of your dreams. A loan amounting up to Rs. 20 lakh is available if you meet the eligibility requirements.

  • Zero down payment two-wheeler loans

You can easily finance your home without a down payment based on the eligibility criteria. As a result, this option is a saviour in disguise since the lender takes care of the entire financing process. As a result, you do not exhaust your savings to purchase a two-wheeler, and you can pay off the loan over an affordable period.

A two-wheeler loan EMI calculator can be used to calculate your EMI range so that you can calculate your loan at an affordable EMI that suits your budget. If you approach the right financing company, bike loans can be a convenient and safer option.

How to Apply?

The following steps will guide you to the application process for a two-wheeler loan online:

  1. Access the lender’s website by logging in
  2. The application must be filled out, primary documents uploaded, and the application must be submitted.
  3. Upon eligibility, you will receive a call from the appropriate department to proceed with the loan. The loan will be disbursed once it has been approved.
  4. To determine an affordable monthly EMI for your loan, you must calculate your monthly instalments and a suitable tenure before filling out the form. It is easier to make loan repayments with the help of this calculation.


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